Why I Uses Seachem Prime RATHER THAN Others?


Why I Uses Seachem Prime RATHER THAN Others?

Firstly, Lets talk about Water Conditioning them. NEVER USE DISTILLED/BOTTLED WATER! Distilled water. I really do not advocate using distilled drinking water EVER. Yes, distilled drinking water is “pure” in the sense that it generally does not have any harmful chemicals in it. Matter of fact it offers NOTHING in it. And this is the nagging problem.

See, bettas need some essential minerals which they get using their drinking water. And distilled water provides none of this. It is much too smooth and acidic and not appropriate also. It is expensive also. Then Placed your Fish In. PH tester on our water, spot the noticeable change in color due to chlorine by the tester, use the leave stir for the reason that tested water, you shall start to see the magic.

Please do not buy LFS(local seafood shop), cause its kinda waste materials of money since you can get it for FREE in singapore. Of course if you’re rich & lazy then why not buy and support LFS? OBVIOUSLY there are other brands of drinking water conditioner in the market, well its your decision. My advise is don’t go for cheapo & not well known brand. Why I uses Seachem Prime instead of others? Popular company who does lots of research in their product. It Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, Ammonia. It doesnt stop here, it detoxifies nitrite and nitrate, promotes natural slime covering in the container also. Dosage: 5ml can treat 200 Litres.

After you did this its very important to clean you face under cool water to close your skin pores back up and then dab your face dry with a towel. Do this every morning and night time and you’ll have amazing results. Register or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

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I,ve first read your article. Thanks for everything. I had been saved by you from suicide. I’ve spent a lot going to dermatologists but none of their treatments worked. I’m gonna try this and hopefully it’ll. Thanks for the advice! Ridiculous. If this guy was simply writing about my information (even without guide), or his own experiences with it, I wouldn’t caution. But when a person goes to this extent, it’s disturbing and I’ll say something.