Tips And Tricks To Prevent Your Makeup From Getting Cakey


Tips And Tricks To Prevent Your Makeup From Getting Cakey

Like it or not, our makeup tends to get cakey through the summer months, and sometimes, if it is not done well, it can get cakey during winters as well. So, we shall give you some tips to ensure that your make-up is always fool-proof. Most of us have made mistakes when it comes to makeup, and that is certainly how exactly we came to learn of the tips.

But you want to make it just a tiny bit easier for you with this set of tips. Make-up can be a little confusing and it needs a complete whole lot of practice and patience. We have were forced to execute a complete great deal of learning from your errors to receive the perfect platform makeup products. The whole point of experiencing your base cosmetic look good is for this to check almost as natural as skin. If it retains melting, then it not only appears awkward but would look really fraudulent also. So, here are some tips to make you look airbrushed with makeup. Follow these, and your make-up will look fresh all day.

  • Avoid smoking and eating hot food, taking hot drinks
  • When applying a facial mask, you should attempt to avoid area around your eyes and lips
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1. Shade: Be sure to pick a base that suits your skin colour. A lot of Indian women have a tendency to go for lighter hues, thinking this will make them look brighter. That is a wrong notion, as a lighter tone of foundation would only make your skin look grey and ashy.

Test the building blocks shade near your jawline to make certain it is a true match to your skin. 2. TYPE OF SKIN: One more thing to remember is to check on your skin type before buying a base. For instance, if you have dry skin, go for a hydrating, finish foundation dewy. Whereas if you have oily skin, get a mattifying foundation.

A matte foundation on dry body would make the foundation crease and chance, and likewise, a hydrating foundation would melt on oily dermis. 3. Exfoliate: For the smoothest basis application, you need to exfoliate your skin layer properly. Make certain all the deceased skin is off that person when the foundation is applied by you. Foundation will look cakey on skin that is textured due to the existence of dead skin cells. 4. Moisturise: No matter what your skin layer type is, you desire a moisturizer in order to get your base to look flawless.

A good moisturiser means that your skin looks like skin and not too fake. Moreover, this increases the endurance of the makeup as well. 5. Primer: A primer creates a blank canvas for your groundwork to be on. It fills out your skin pores and fine marks and makes the skin smooth. It is good for anyone who have bumps left over from pimples especially. A primer will complete those areas and get rid of the texture, so that your cosmetic goes on smooth. There are many types of primers available in the markets for different skin types, like hydrating and mattifying primers.