The Thin Blue Line


The Thin Blue Line

Following our recent article discussing the authorities Pay and Conditions Review the deadline for responses has now handed down. We’ve gathered the comments which is available on these webpages quickly all. The Home Secretary, Theresa might appointed Tom Winsor to lead the current overview of police pay & conditions.

Tom Winsor, 52, was the Rail Regulator between 1999 and 2004, which included the time of dismantling Railtrack and the creation of Network Rail. In his period in office he completed two major reviews of the nationwide railway infrastructure (October 2000 and December 2003), and helped reform the industry. Tom Winsor said: ‘I am very pleased to accept the house Secretary’s invitation to lead this review.

I look forward to working alongside police officers and their representatives, yet others, as they make an effort to ready the authorities service for the challenges ahead. I have always acquired huge respect for cops and personnel, and the essential work they are doing. Day those on the frontline can face difficult and dangerous situations Every.

Throughout this review, I shall be led by the overriding process of fairness – fairness to specific cops and staff, and fairness to the taxpayer. Tom Winsor has a broad remit to consider all areas of police pay and conditions. It shall include scrutiny of allowances, overtime and the cost of officers working in other force areas. The review will cover both police officers and civilian staff, including Police Community Support Officers.

Its suggestions will be costed and become in great enough fine detail to be introduced quickly in to the service. Having read every one of the comments, this is a flavour of the reactions received from officials all around the national country. We’ve removed names to preserve anonimity of the authors. Question 1: In today’s financial environment, how could you change overtime rates? has to be some remuneration for the overtime worked “There. I have performed almost 25 years which have all been on full shift cover. The shifts are long so when officials are working with prisoners and occurrences they cannot walk away from work.

Also rest days are terminated to work football and PSU, this doesn’t eventually the officers on the same income working 9-5 Monday-Friday. We already have the first fifty percent hour taken off us for the love of doing the work”. “I am a even Sgt focusing on a Neighbourhood. I just work at least 6 – 10 hours weekly that I really do not receives a commission for, because there is ‘no overtime’. This working job is nothing like other careers. I missed a lot of my children’s growing up because I have always been committed to this job and also have work extended hours on procedures before promotion. I would not rates” change overtime.

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“I am a officer, but a family group man also. If you want me to work extra days, you are taking them away from my children / friends, and I can be paid by you for this. I am not a slave to the working job, I work to live, not live to work. I am proud of the work I really do hugely, and regularly work extra hours without pay, to ensure the job is performed.

The power that be do not know how much “good will” they get from us. There aren’t enough officers to do the work required, therefore, invest the away the overtime rates, that work will not be done. If you won’t pay us sufficiently for this, we won’t take action, simple as.