THE AMOUNT OF Is Your Website Worth, Anyhow?


THE AMOUNT OF Is Your Website Worth, Anyhow?

We all work hard building our businesses. We devote the sweat equity and all the tears that come with it to build something truly great. After a later date hustling in the office or typing furiously on your keypad, you may be wondering… what’s the end game here?

What are you truly going for? Is there a glowing neon sign with the word “Exit” marking the road to your ultimate goal? For the majority of businesses, the finish goal is to eventually sell that business to some other entrepreneur who wants to take the reins and enjoy the earnings from the sale.

Alas, the majority of us don’t know very well what our business is worth even, significantly less how to start selling it – or whether it’s even reliable to begin with. That’s where Empire Flippers will come in. We have been brokering deals for a long time in the web business space, serving a noiseless but hungry group of investors who are looking to obtain digital possessions.

The demand for profitable digital possessions has been growing a lot that our brokerage could can get on the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row, both right times under the 500 mark. We can say with confidence that, yes, there is a leave for your business indeed. It’s likely you have noticed I didn’t include the word “agency” in the last paragraph.

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Digital organizations are incredibly hard to sell; to take action, you need to have streamlined your process whenever you can. We’ll dive into those answers below, but first let’s talk about why you’re already in a great position simply by being a reader of the Moz Blog. Why is SEO the most effective traffic for an electronic asset? SEO is by far the most attractive traffic source for individuals looking at purchasing internet sites.

The beauty of SEO is that once you’ve put in the work to achieve the rankings, they can maintain and generate traffic for sometimes a few months without significant upkeep. That’s in stark contrast with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, such as Facebook ads, which require daily monitoring to make sure nothing strange is going on with your conversions or that you’re not overspending.

For anyone who has no experience with increasing visitor count but wants to purchase a profitable web business, an SEO-fueled website just is practical. They are able to earn while they learn. If they purchase the asset (typically a content website for people just starting out), they can play around with adding new high-quality pieces of content and learn about more difficult SEO techniques down the road.

Even a person who is a get good at at paid traffic loves SEO. Whether the buyer is a newbie or a veteran, SEO as a traffic method has one of the widest appeals of any traffic strategy. While SEO itself does not increase the value of the business in most cases, it does entice more purchasers than other types of traffic. Now, let’s get right down to what your business will probably be worth.