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Style And Beauty Blog

How have you been! I was approached by a couple of that watches my videos plus they wanted to know about how to style a women for day night and the man as well! So i took on the challenge because i actually love styling men even tho i never talk about it. Night look Lets start this time!

Ladies: For time night its an enjoyable experience to grab your internal Meow! Do something differently that you normally wouldn’t or simply a little sexier than your norm. Lets start with the hair. For me when my hair is the largest curliest clean n go i feel the sexiest!

Something about my natural big curls makes me feel confident. So find that style which makes you look at yourself like Damn and u first got it! Makeup, Now we all know im not necessarily an eye shadow person so i go for a nice face program contour highlight brows lashes and a striking lip.

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  • Libraries are your happy place
  • 1 oz- Elderberry Balancing Mist
  • 1952 Evening attention shadow worn by Elizabeth Taylor
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My lips are one of my favorite features therefore i play on that. Concentrate on your favorite feature and own it. I know what exactly are we putting on Now? An attractive Bodycon Midi dress! I love these absolutely. They come in all different colors lengths and cuts. Heels thats easy sexy strappy heels to tie everything together.

Jewelry for me personally you know i have to have a wrist watch. Lastly pull out your fave perfume! Night scent is definitely Gucci guilty A sexy date, he wont be mad in any way. Gentlemen: Ok now its your change, now i know this is very different for my blog but i secretly love dressing men!

I know weird start but hey they are important. I wanted to say this brand that was mentioned if you ask me that you are thought by me would really like. Tommy John has a lot of great options that i think you will love. 3 F’s Fit Function and Fabric which i know the fellas can concur that is what they look for.