Spring Eye Shadow Palette Recommendation, Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar


Spring Eye Shadow Palette Recommendation, Etude House Play Color Eyes Juice Bar

In Korea it’s either so freezing you gotta wear a thick coat or it’s so hot you’ll think it’s early summer! Phew, I could feel the global warming problem effecting the weather really! Even so, it’s spring time for all fashion, beauty industry and it means it’s time to change your sick-of-brown color eye shadow into sweet spring pink and orange color! Okay if you haven’t seen already I have mentioned previously that some females look better in green, while others look in orange better! You will notice in one color your skin layer looks round and pretty within the other your hand can look like it’s your grandma’s.

Anyways this will actually work with Warm build girls, but in my experience if you do your makeup base correctly even cool tones can use this colors. I even translated Etude House Magazine Makeup Tutorial with This palette! I love that this has a sizable mirror included and two sponge but I promise you it wears out before you finish the attention shadow. Here are the swatches!

If you have bought the previous few serious of the palette this color blend might disappoint you a bit, because it’s really similar overall. What I love this release is the Muscle Mania This limited color edition turned out to be my favorite. When you have used the Play Color Eyes series you may notice that it can lack clinging strength than the originals.

  • Apply light pressure utilizing a clean towel or gauze to avoid hemorrhage
  • Avoid using heavy moisturizing treatments, cream established make-up and oily foundations
  • Dry skin area: The green tea extract moisture range
  • Solid, natural extra virgin coconut olive oil

The reason I recommend still is because the colors is very attractive and can be used for all instances! The key reason why I might think about buying another palette just for this color! It’s more closer to brick color than orange but it’s so pretty! A very important factor usually Low Cacao color pigment is very weak besides that I really love the colour combinations. Yes, like all etude house eyesight shadow it does have low pigment toughness, which is good for beginners because you wouldn’t get into the mistake of applying-too-much and begin over.

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