Safe Affordable Weight Loss


Safe Affordable Weight Loss

The OverStitch Endoscopic Suturing System allows trained doctors to place sutures in the belly using a versatile endoscope that is positioned in the stomach through the patient’s mouth area as the patient is under anesthesia. The benefit of endoscopic methods it that we now have no incisions through the skin that cause pain and disability, hence there are no scars, and the patient’s recovery is quick, being able to go back to normal activities almost immediately. What is ESG – Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (Accordion Procedure)?

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) is a procedure like the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, but it is done endoscopically entirely through the patient’s mouth. During this procedure, Dr. Warden uses the OverStitch device to put sutures in the patient’s stomach, to reduce the size of the stomach, just like a sleeve gastrectomy. Besides being invasive and requiring no incisions minimally, the procedure is safe and reversible.

  1. $175 initiation and $25.99 a month
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  6. Cold intolerance

Generally, patients go back home the same day as the procedure, after a short stay in the recovery room. How does ESG work? The sutures that are placed in the stomach to act to reduce the stomach capacity and size, so that the patients can only consume a little amount of food.

Patients are started on the liquid diet after the procedure and gradually advanced to a solid diet, although the quantity of food they can eat is a lot less than before the procedure. With appropriate dietary counseling, diet and exercise, the patients can see a significant weight loss. How effective is ESG? Studies have shown substantial weight reduction, although less than with an operative sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass. It really is ideal for patients who are of lower weights or those who would like the benefits of a weight-loss surgery, without going through surgery.

Because the sutures are long lasting, there is a much better long-term weight reduction than what is seen with intragastric balloons. How do you know easily qualify? If your BMI has ended 30 you will qualify for the procedure. However, if it is over 40 you may be better served with a different procedure. Make an appointment to see Dr. Warden in the office and he’ll discuss the many options and think of a plan that is suitable for you.

A small percentage of patients who have previously undergone weight-loss surgery, either sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass shall restore a little of the weight that they lost. In most cases, this is because enlargement of the gastric pouch or gastric sleeve, which forces the patients to take more food to be able to achieve the sensation of fullness. Fortunately, using situations, Dr. Warden can use the OverStitch device to place sutures in the stomach to reduce how big is the gastric pouch or gastric sleeve to restore the feeling of fullness and make the surgery effective again. This process is performed endoscopically, like the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and patients go back home the same day.

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