I experienced the chance to sit in on a meeting with the leader of a leading consumer goods company past due the other day. I have been asked to the conference to present some open advancement concepts, but I used to be more for support and encouragement than to lead the conversation there. The president of the firm we were meeting with welcomed us graciously and explained some of the concepts his organizations was pursuing to find and manage new ideas.

Then, he said something which i wrote in the margins of my notepad. In this business, you innovate, replicate or evaporate. Truer words were never spoken. His business is a fast paced consumer business, powered to a certain extent by market customer and developments whims. His business is constantly bringing out new products and dealing with large retail establishments to understand how to meet the demands of fickle customers. Think with me for one minute about his declaration: either innovate, replicate or evaporate. What he could be saying, and i verified it after the discussion, is that companies in his business either create really interesting new products that meet customer needs, or they contend by replicating the actual innovators do.

In his market you are either an innovator or an extremely fast follower, or your company has gone out of business. There is absolutely no third option. Just like the role Alex Baldwin played in Glengarry Glen Ross, the third prize is you lose your task. This trinity our client identified holds true in every industry, everything differs is the timing. Whether you evaporate in a few months in a quickly moving industry or market or slowly wither away in a market where customer demand evolves a little more slowly, you truly just have two choices.

And, what’s even more complicated to grasp would be that the “replicate” option is slowly dying away as well. As new innovators come online across the globe, product life customer and cycles attention spans and loyalty are shrinking. We have become an online, all the right time, consumer, and we wish what’s new, exciting and valuable now. Fast replicators will have trouble driving sales Even, as consumers shift their allegiances to the latest trend, look or fashion. I wonder how decisions would be produced if in every corporate boardroom in America these four words were posted in large font on the walls: Innovate, Replicate or Evaporate. Would that mantra drive new decisions and more innovation?

The answer to the “late-term abortion problem” is not to continue compromising, it’s to inform you we will not elect reps who do not take a solid stand against abortion, no matter what the circumstances. When politicians say, “we won’t get active support without compromise”, who do you consider they are reducing with? Speaking Generally, pro-choice legislators will vote against virtually any pro-life law. They don’t really care the actual parameters of the proposed legislation are. We aren’t diminishing with them. When activists and politicians discuss compromise, they are talking about bargain within the pro-life contingent.

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It’s pro-life legislators they are experiencing to make exceptions for, pro-life associates who are debating the merits of these laws and their proposed exceptions. And they are arguing the content of pro-life laws predicated on your potential vote. They don’t want to reduce you — their pro-life constituents — as voters.

It’s time to fully stop this nonsense once and for all. The condition has a persuasive interest in safeguarding all of its residents. Science has proven the humanity of the fetus whatsoever stages of development. Unborn children are people, and deserving of the same protections as everybody else. There is no reason for pro-life legislators to hold from fetal anomaly (or rape or incest) exceptions, unless their constituents have informed them of their opposition to exceptions. The ball is in our court — your court. Don’t blame officials you’ve elected for not being capable of compromise.

They’re only doing what you are asking these to do. You have the charged power to end exceptions in laws restricting late-term abortions. Other states have done it. Liberal, pro-choice managed states have done it. You must do it. Pro-life organizations are incorrect. Pro-life means you protect all life, without compromise.