Chloe McCall Make-up Artist


Chloe McCall Make-up Artist

I love Benefit products and always have a place in my kit for them. I’m really excited to see there release of Sunbeam Highlighter. I’ve used highbeam and moonbeam for years on the website own on the cheek bone and mixed with foundation to make a glow. What advantage say about the product ‘This golden bronze highlighter provides you a natural, sunkissed radiance.

Dot & mix over makeup on to cheek & brow bones for a bronzed glow that complements all skintones. It’s liquid sunshine in a container! Other products I really like from Benefit include the cheek and lip spots. I use them on the lips for Bridal make-up as they last ages and give just the right amount of colour, with a slick of gloss over the top they look great. My favourite is the most recent tint Cha Cha Tint which is a lovely coral red. It’s also advisable to check out Benefit’s Boxed power. I love using them in my package. My favorite is definitely Dallas, Its a combination between a blusher and a bronzer, Its amazing.

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Most salons will tint your brows cost-free if you ask while you’re getting your colour done. Don’t allow them do a perfect match, but sufficient to slice the ashiness and harmonize with the hair on your head. DO: Be cautious with cool-toned shadows, like Amy is putting on above.

Paired with the cool-pink of the lipstick, it’s just not harmonizing with her complexion. My advice: In the event that you go cool on the eyes, do warmer lips and cheeks to counter it. Here’s another shot of Christina showing you what I mean. She’s got grey eyeshadow as well, but will it with a warmer lip. DO: Make a smooth peach or red lip gloss your go-to. According to the blush, peaches are generally observe how great Amy looks easier-but, above, with the barest pop of pure pink?

The lips remain very smooth, and the others of her makeup is warm, so it works. Notice the black mascara Also! DON’T: Be afraid of red. A shiny, strong, highly-pigmented red is easiest to pull off if you’re dealing with an darker auburn hair color like Emma’s here. DON’T: Wear full-blown orange.

That’s probably the only color that I suggest you banish from your makeup bag, due to the fact it’s too close in firmness to hair color. DO: Steer yourself toward berry-pink tones rather than the fuchsias and hot pinks. Like we saw above on Amy, above, such cool colors are harder for redheads to pull off. Going with something in the same red family, but with a hint more red in it, will improve things times a billion. And is one last example on my woman Amy here. That was a lot of makeup. And, er, probably enough photographic records of Amy and Christina to last another six months. I’ll take a breather from my obsessions for the next little while-promise!

Q: I am worried about dry ground and cold weather. Would it be beneficial to now drinking water my lawn? I have bermuda, centipede plus some fescue. A: I can’t think of how watering would help dormant lawn unless it was newly laid sod. I recognize that it hasn’t rained in some time but there continues to be moisture in the earth.