Job Interviews: What’s Your Greatest Weakness?


Job Interviews: What’s Your Greatest Weakness?

A typical appointment all too often includes those irritating interview questions like “What’s your very best weakness? ” or “What’s your very best strength? OK. I admit I also sometimes use the oh-so-annoying best weakness question (and more like this) when I really do an interview. Not that any one absolutely right answer I’m looking for there’s.

Asking about weaknesses in an interview (and the way you answer the question) helps me observe how a person will respond, even when confronted by the obvious. You can learn a whole great deal in regards to a person as they answer seemingly simple questions. In fact, I had been interviewing someone last week.

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After just a few minutes, I knew he was probably going to get a second interview. But it’s my job to dig deeper and also look for things that require to be explored within the next round. Furthermore, if I much know they’re moving on pretty, I love to give people practice for another interview.

So in this case, I went to some of these standard interview questions, including “What’s your most significant weakness? Well, this guy started to answer it without any subterfuge and without the typical “I know this is one particular trick questions” modulation of voice. I was surprised pleasantly. Truth is, he was so sincere and talented he didn’t hurt himself with me by trying so difficult to give a thorough answer.

But that might not need been the case with all interviewers. Whatever you choose to do, it’s probably best to keep your response to this one pretty short. There are some interview questions where it’s good to expand your answer which means you can toss in cool stuff about yourself. This is usually not one of these questions – unless, as I described, you have a good story to tell about how exactly you overcame your great weakness…or at least have been making improvement. A good example would be if a dread was experienced by you of presenting and public speaking, done that dread, and wound up learning to be a lecturer on some subject. Now that’s something an interviewer wish to hear.

Uh…please don’t utilize this story unless it’s real. But if your story isn’t that strong, probably far better keep it brief and sugary when responding to the weakness question. Let’s be honest. A lot of people throw in these questions to fill out the interview in any case just. You get a good notion within the first few minutes of interviewing a person whether this is someone you want to earnestly consider. I question any interviewer is absolutely seeking to get you to reveal some deep dark weakness like “I steal office supplies” or “I’ve lied all over my curriculum vitae and wish you don’t find out.” DOH!

But even though you make a great first impression, you can trip yourself up with a bad answer still. So in summary my greatest weakness interview question tips: Keep it short, leave with a positive thought, and shut up until you get another question then. If the interviewer pushes the relevant question, try your very best to specifically answer what was asked (shows you’re listening) but again keep it short and stay as positive as it can be.

Oh…and in the event you’re thinking, the man I interviewed has super skills and gave a good second interview, so he’s shifting to the final interview. However in the interim, an private someone clued him in about how exactly to answer the dreaded weakness interview question – just in case. Job Interviews: What’s Your Greatest Weakness? Job Interviews: What’s Your Greatest Strength? HOW DO YOU Ace My Phone Interview? HOW WILL YOU Interview if Interviewer Doesn’t Know as Much as YOU NEED TO DO?

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