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Face Paint Tutorials

Face Paint Tutorials 1

Every Halloween I try to have a step further in costume designs. Rather than spending a significant amount of on the pre-made outfit at a store, I love to be more creative. This year 2010, I used cheap drugstore makeup and a salvation military outfit to create an old lady look. Going as a vintage person is popular always, which costume was definitely a head-turner. This is a set of materials you’ll need to be able to senior-by yourself! If you already own makeup, feel free to use your own if you have it.

If you do not own these items, think cheap, it generally does not have to be expensive. A type is recommended by me such as Cover Female perfect point plus. It glides on very smooth, and you never have to sharpen it! You will also need some tools to apply your makeup. Most makeup includes small brushes, which will do fine if you need to. The very best-case scenario is to truly have a good mixing eyeshadow brush, to make more realistic shading. These are available at any drugstore and come in all different prices and sizes. Now for the fun part: Accessories! Go to your neighborhood thrift store and pick out your duds!

This was definitely my favorite part of the costume (besides wearing it of course). This list could really forever go on. An alternative for a vintage person look is to visit for the “overly-tanned-and-goes-out-dancing old lady” look. This appears complicated in the ultimate end, but it actually is extremely easy.

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Start with a clean dried out face. Liberal amounts of foundation Apply, and mix it with that person to appear smooth easily. Old people don’t have zits, so it’d offices be a good idea to cover up any! Look in the mirror and study that person. Smile, frown, squint. Making facial expressions shows you where you will probably finish up getting wrinkles. With your eyeliner pencil, lightly trace the lines of your face’s natural creases.

Don’t go too dark, this eyeliner is only supposed to become a guide for the next phase. Using the lightest shade of your eyeshadow, begin to start shading slowly. The darkest line will be right over top of your eyeliner guide. Try to blend as as it can be effortlessly. If you are satisfied with this layer of shadow, go one shade deeper and apply another layer of eyeshadow, working nearer to the eyeliner guide. Every short while, have a few steps back and look at your entire face.

You’ll be able to see your shading more obviously from a distance. Your darkest shade of brown will actually completely cover up your eyeliner. Step and look at the final result back, and touch up whatever doesn’t look how you want to buy to. Finish with some very red blush if desired, and perhaps some lipstick if you’re feelin’ crazy! How do you look?

Practice makes perfect, but the overall result is worth it definitely. Clothe themselves in your old person ensemble fully, and top the look off with a wig. If you’d rather use colored hairspray paint, dust hair using gray or white gently. The mistake was made by me of putting black hairspray on in my bathroom, day and ended up with a huge mess to clean up the next. Grab your old lady purse or your orthopedic shoes and you’re ready to go! Register or subscribe and post utilizing a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 people usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in remarks, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments aren’t for promoting your write-ups or other sites. Can you believe I had been carded at the pub that night? You are very talented! That is clearly a great idea for Halloween.