Elevated Liver Enzymes


Elevated Liver Enzymes

So in reading a lot of posts I’ve seen my talk about of folks stating they had elevated liver enzymes for many years before being diagnosed with a liver disease. My labs got shown elevated enzymes for only about a season, they were always normal before that. I had Graves disease for years and my endocrinologist ran tests every four months.

My pcp got told me not to be concerned about the enzymes because these were not too much at all. I have been a drinker for about 3 . 5 years. He said when I give up my enzymes would return to normal which there was no permanent harm. Not the case whatsoever Obviously! My brother, a very heavy drinker, pill addict and meth addict for nearly 15 years has already established elevated enzymes for around 8yrs no cirrhosis by yet.

Are you sure you want to delete this reply? Oh Sadieluv, for a 12 months before I acquired really sick in Jan my liver enzymes were sometimes off, 2010. Then suddenly I couldn’t hold anything on my abdomen. The enzymes were all around the accepted place. Vitamin levels would bottom out. All the tests and there were A lot of were returning negative. In October Finally, I was delivered to a cosmetic surgeon who suggested taking right out my gallbladder as a final resort.

On Nov 5, 2010, He removed it so when I awakened I noticed that I experienced cirrhosis from my partner. I knew I couldn’t have cirrhosis after all I didn’t drink and called the surgeon a liar even to his face. God bless him he was so nice and explained which i emerged to have it by being morbidly obese. So I had no idea I used to be sick for years and then suddenly I had fashioned Stage 4 NASH with end stage cirrhosis. Vanderbilt to see the Hepatologist. Since then huge weight reduction and exercise.

I’ve eliminated from having 2-3 years to live without transplant to presenting 5 to 10 without transplant or maybe never. I had fashioned elevated liver enzymes for the very first 3 months after diagnosis, normal after that then.. I had developed my gallbladder removed just a little over 4 years ago & I did not have cirrhosis at that time.

I was ill about 6 months before learning I needed cirrhosis. I also have a fatty liver organ & I was a drinker for about 10 years (I haven’t drank for 9 months). I’m sure you read my other post about this, but I had fashioned elevated Liver enzymes for approximately 15 years before analysis.

  • I eat LOTS of natural fiber-rich foods
  • A communicative team player, familiar with agile working methods
  • Tighten and build the pores and skin
  • 5’9″ – 165 pounds

Now after changes in diet, I was a drinker never, or drug consumer, no hepatitis, just Cirrhosis out of the blue. Now I have perfectly normal enzymes and really the only change I’ve made has been in the diet, easily had known to change that 17 years ago I wonder easily would have Cirrhosis now. I’m sure it at least wouldn’t normally be almost as sever. Thank you all for your replies.

Of course my cirrhosis is very advanced and completely abstaining from alcohol for almost a year did very little to boost anything. I do have a hard time accepting which i was diagnosed so past due and often question how things might be if they had diagnosed me earlier. Well I look to a wonderful Christmas with my sons and family forward! I wish you all an extremely Merry Christmas!