He Still Lectures In West On Islam


He Still Lectures In West On Islam

Izzat Majeed is an entrepreneur, investor, educationist and poet. His investment company Alyph Limited is a billion dollar company. Izzat Majeed studied in Britain from Oxford University and completed his master’s degree with economics. He started his career as a lecturer at Punjab University. After 7 years as lecturer he resigned from the university. He still lectures in western world on Islam. In 1982 he moved to Saudi Arabia where he served as an advisor to Saudi Arabian minister, his Excellency Hisham Nazer.

After departing advisory to Saudi minister he started an investment company, Alyph Limited in London. Alyph Limited has investment in green field commercial and infrastructural investment projects globally. The carrying on business passions of this company across the world exceeds 1 billion us dollars. In Pakistan Izzat Majeed bought union bank or investment company and sold it to standard chartered bank or investment company then. His curiosity about music especially classical music resulted in the birth of Sachal Music in Lahore.

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