I Hadn’t Yet Reached My Goal


I Hadn’t Yet Reached My Goal

I Hadn't Yet Reached My Goal 1

I spent my 20’s attaining weight after I got wedding. I tried to lose it on my own several times and acquired little successes, but always gained it back and then added some more pounds. AFTER I was 26, my DH and I decided to make an effort to have a child. Year later A, I was diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome.

In order to have a baby, I got serious about slimming down and exercising. I had fashioned tried WW Online without any help and I lost 10 pounds but got pregnant with my child then. I needed him and was focused on being a mommy a lot that I completely let myself go. I lost 50 pounds from the day I had developed him to simply a few short months later as my hormones really liked being pregnant and breastfeeding.

He was a 10-lb 15oz baby, too. Those human hormones changed, though, and I gained those 50 back again and a few more quickly. I hadn’t yet reached my goal, but something changed within me and I had been comfortable where I was and I stopped. I ceased tracking my food intake, stopped exercising, ended going to WW meetings. I continued on and off WW and gained all of the weight back again plus a bit more.

  • Quitting to soon
  • Believe in daily wonders
  • Lower blood sugar levels and reduce your risk for diabetes
  • Look and feel
  • Classic Cucumber Drink
  • Whether a go back to the same work would be advisable
  • 2 mugs kale

Now I’m refocusing and am headed to success! I write about my trust because it is an enormous part of who I am here. I’ll often mention it in my own blogging, too. I think that Jesus is my savior. I believe in the Holy Trinity of God the Father, Jesus his boy, and the Holy Spirit. I walk with Jesus daily, the day through prayer and try my far better live like him meaning I talk to Him throughout.

I awaken performing His praises and drift off praying to him. I coach my DS about him. I believe that through Jesus’ loss of life, I shall have eternal life. The price was paid by him for my sins. By asking Jesus into my heart and living my entire life with Him, I am saved and I’ll live with Him in Heaven when He brings me home.

My husband and I have been wedded 14 years. My boy is nine years old. I’m originally from North Dakota and my hubby is originally from Northern Minnesota. We now reside in the Minneapolis part of Minnesota. We’re a prior US Air Force family, DH got out after 11 years when DS was 5 weeks old. I’m a daughter, grand-daughter, aunt, niece, and sister. I have trained private piano and vocal lessons for over 14 years. Before having my child, it was a full-time job for me, a week now I teach just a few hours. I do love it and my students and their own families are all just great.

The ability to separate. If you don’t know very well what that is, I feel sorry for you truly. 6. What is usually your first though when you awaken? 7. What is your preferred color? Pink. But I also love yellow and orange – such happy colors! Yellow is so happy!