A question emerged up in the community forum recently that I’d like to address in a bit more detail than I possibly could there, and without the smilies, of course. One of our regulars brought up an interesting question. Exactly, why is it that whenever people critique other’s work, these are always critical and rarely tout the positives of the work in question. Since words are writers’ most elementary tools, let’s examine the term critique so that people all know what we are discussing.

Merriam-Webster defines the word “critique” as: To examine critically, or: Review. Pretty forward straight, yes? But just to be sure, exactly what does it imply to do something critically or with criticism? Again, Merriam-Webster says it’s the art of evaluating or analyzing artwork or literature. Okay, so that it is all about reviewing, analyzing or evaluating.

So, what do we do whenever we do these things? When someone evaluates your projects, they want to determine the importance, worth, or condition from it by careful study and appraisal. Okay, I stole that from the dictionary again, nevertheless, you see what I am getting at. They may be scrutinizing your work and want for anything that might be incorrect. Reviewing is actually the same thing, so I won’t offer you another description there, and analysis is the parting of a whole into its component parts. In order you can see, it is a process intended to study your work thorough and also to see what’s incorrect with it or determine its condition as mentioned above.

There is always something these folks can find a problem with! That stuff was compiled by me, because I liked it, you understand? Yeah, they know, but if you are writing this stuff for yourself and you do not want to listen to what they have to say, you might as well not bother trying to get published then. There will be a lot of them in the middle of your first draft and your first edition, and they will all want something changed. And that’s where your critique group or writing circle comes in. And specific. But it was very appropriate for the materials still, therefore I thought it would be mentioned by me. Carry on, and good luck to all you NaNoWriMo fanatics out there.

A note from Patrick. Jason, this is much more focused now. I’m happy I could help, and I am always thankful when an article writer asks my opinions and then does not hate me for giving them. Not, which I am a severe editor or anything like this. I think about this as an essential subject for all those writers. Those who learn to accept criticism are the writers who improve significantly in their craft typically, and those who give good critiques to improve even more. Just remember, you need to be honest without being harsh. Don’t just say something is bad, tell why it is bad and make an effort to give types of how to boost it.

I wish that you can someday bless your loved ones with riches apart from materialism and create a wonderful legacy for them to follow. Good luck and God bless. But why write it then even? You should have suspected this might happen. The followers do not need anyone sending a false message to people who haven’t even joined up with.

You have chasen how to see the business and you have fans just as the followers do. I could only speak from personal experience, along with many others. I was involved in the past due 90’s for a couple of years. If things have changed 360 since then, that is excellent and all the best to the newer era and more power to them. This is not about research, I’m not doing a book report, this is MY experience, I was there!

I hardly understand why every one of the strong supporters of this even would comment to begin with? Why read an “anti” site when you “pro” are, doesn’t make much sense if you ask me? More that 30 years in the market round the global world and still alive, and I’ve known people living for it just, 5k in their pocket a month, for sure other folks do not know how to make the business.

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Probably individuals who say MLM co scams, didn’t do what they have done. I’ve recently joined what you call a “scam” and I will admit it looks like a rip-off. But this is actually the difference’ groups like Quixtar and other early 80 and 90 “amway groupings” we’re nothing at all of Amway.

They simply started as an IBO and managed to get into a pyramid scheme from there. That is why they have been disbanded no much longer around and YES some of the higher up Amway employees were included. So do your research. They do reveal that with hard work we can not stop working but more limit the time we need to work for retail or for a company.