I wish to announce today that I am going to not be proceeding with a courtroom challenge of the PC Party’s position which i am ineligible to run for the management of the PC Party. As a dynamic Conservative, for some 22 years, at both the federal government and provincial levels, it is with a heavy heart which i make this decision. I support Labrador’s and Newfoundland right to secure its natural resources for the advantage of her people. I believed that Danny Williams had the best interests of the Province at heart when he fought for those rights.

Unfortunately, any difficulty . those he left out are more worried about controlling power than controlling our natural resources. I had been shocked at the release of the Auditor General’s Record deeply, and the gross violations of trust therein included. Unfortunately, these occasions parallel too my own experience with the Party and its management race carefully.

Furthermore, the lack of Ministerial accountability by Mr. Wiseman, on the occasion of his older staff member’s trip to my home. It defies all logic and respectable carry out a Minister of the Crown would condone by his inaction the intimidation of any citizen. It defies explanation how that same Minister would speak publicly to some of the same factors his staffer made and find nothing incorrect with the approach, or at the very least think it is highly inappropriate.

It concerns me the Leader of the Party would not contact my partner or I to get further evidence with this situation despite the apparent inappropriateness of the activities. These combined set of circumstances leaves me with no other option than to consider the Party’s leadership, and the authorities’s by association and action, out of touch with my politics and moral beliefs.

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I further believe that the Party has caused itself immense harm with it’s strategy, especially considering a delegate selection process and convention have been initiated regardless. I therefore resign my provincial party membership effective immediately. I will remain a federal Conservative. Having given the problem serious thought and consideration, and commensurate with my commitment to get this to Province the best of all provinces, I have decided to join the Liberal Party of Labrador and Newfoundland.

It was an extremely difficult decision based on my life long affiliation federally and provincially with the PC Party. However, the provincial PC Party here has lost it’s moral compass, and as such it’s ability to govern in the needs of the folks of this province. I really do intend to seek a nomination for MHA in the next election.