Choose Your Organizational Style


Choose Your Organizational Style

There is a tremendous amount of compliment in books, and in the blogosphere, for cross-functional teams. It sometimes seems as though it’s the best idea since cross-personal interaction. And cross-personal relationship is a great idea, until you find out you caught some public disease you’ll rather have prevented.

I am pleased that I have little experience with interpersonal diseases, but I do know that at least part of the compliment for cross-functional teams is undeserved. There are a variety of myths because some writers associate functional groups with hierarchies and cross-functional teams with organic networks. But this is both unfair and unrealistic.

Functional teams require coordination across team boundaries about the projects these are doing, and the business value sent to customers. On the other hand, cross-functional teams require coordination across team boundaries about practices, standardization, and shared resources, for just about any similar kind of work that is completed in different teams.

In the previous section, we saw which you have two options for coordination: DP1 and DP2. Both can be employed to either functional groups or cross-functional groups. Coordination between functional teams is conducted by managers (typical hierarchical functional silos). Coordination between functional groups by the groups themselves (for example, self-organized sysops teams each focused on a piece of an infrastructure).

Coordination between cross-functional teams by a project supervisor or other government bodies above the teams. Coordination between cross-functional groups by the groups themselves (for example, a “Scrum of Scrums”). Figure 13.7 Quadrant of organizational styles. In general, cross-functional teams are better than functional groups, and DP2 increases results than DP1, and for that reason organizational style 4 is the most well-liked option for most Agile consultants. I’ve known cross-functional groups that were so young and inexperienced (can i even say irresponsible?) that they could have contaminated half the business with their problems, if management acquired let them. Fortunately, the day there organizational style 3 preserved.

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And I have known effective specialist teams responsible for components or assets that were too risky to distribute over multiple groups. Yet these small specialist groups were adult enough to arrange their own cross-team coordination without a supervisor. Cross-functional teams without management coordination are a great idea. But they can both solve and expose problems. Good managers need to be smart enough to think of their own best approach to an organizational trend that is both adaptable and safe.

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