How To Get Rid Of A NEGATIVE Business Partner


How To Get Rid Of A NEGATIVE Business Partner

Like it or not, business funding is not made on handshakes these days; you must have strong credit and other valuable capital to obtain a bank loan or funding for the home based business. Cash is ruler and if you don’t own it, it’s very tempting to generate somebody with the needed cash, but imagine if this new person is a negative business partner?

This happens generally and for many reasons. An entrepreneur is so excited about the possibility of becoming a small business owner that they don’t research their new partner enough and before they know it, they feel they have lost control and threatened by the new partner even. If this is you, are there ways to buy out bad business partners and keep your business alive?

Business Control – You will need money to begin that business as well as your partner provided it but in return, you’ve allowed them to become the controlling business member even if they are just a silent partner. Normally, this is done when you incorporate and invite the partner more power than you have.

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In an LLC for example, say you set up 40% of the money, but your partner developed the remaining 60% you needed. However, your LLC bylaws say that your lover, not you, is the handling member and president of the LLC. In this situation, the bad business partner can rule your business.

Inept Business Partner – Because your lifelong friend Ed says he’ll set up 80% of the cash you need, does old buddy Ed really know how your business works? THE OFFER Maker – every business struggles with cashflow Almost, if a business partner keeps making handles friends to market them your product or service at the cost, you are in place losing money. Poor business partners do this all the right time. Silent But Deadly – Silent partners are bad business partners. We’re discussing individual companions here rather than venture capitalists.

The Hiding Partner – Maybe you got lucky and found a business partner who not only put up most of the cash to start the business, but then find you can’t find him! Your corporate bylaw papers say he needs to sign certain contracts and if you can’t find your bad business partner to get that signature, you’re stuck. The Menace – These are the extreme as it pertains to bad business companions. At first, they develop a wonderful relationship with you, and then try to take control of the business to get you out so they own the business away right.

Please click on Page 2 to find out 4 top ways to rid yourself of a bad business partner. Rid Yourself of That Partner! In my own years as a business owner, I’ve got business partners that acquired some or all of the above attributes and believe me, it’s not fun to cope with them once you’re trapped.