Best Things In Beauty


Best Things In Beauty

This weekend, I launched you to Alyson O’Brien, proven in the photo at left. I mentioned that Alyson is the Fresh Account Executive for the Mid-Atlantic area. What I did not inform you was that she’s additionally a celeb makeup artist! Did I point out darling too? While we chatted at the Fresh occasion, I realized that Alyson has many passions, including writing.

She was considering writing beauty features. As you would possibly imagine, I jumped at the chance to supply her a visitor submit – or as many as she wants to jot down. She’s gifted and fun, and i knew she would be capable to share with you her “methods of the trade.” First, although, the budding makeup artist’s history.

  • Blush your own roots or accept them done at the adorableness school
  • Spreading of infection
  • Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  • Moisturize and hydrate the skin to reinforce cell renewal
  • Strivectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks and Wrinkles

Ever since I can remember, I drew faces. It was at all times a face, with detailed separation of eyes, lips, and cheeks. I seen the sort of factor as a small youngster and located deep pleasure in drawing “portraits” of individuals. I normally drew females. I can remember drawing lengthy eyelashes on individuals who had close-set eyes, including fullness to lips after they wanted symmetry, and contouring cheeks to different ranges, relying on the face shape. This may be why folks liked the pictures that I drew of them…because I made them look, nicely, better.

Cutting and styling hair on the age of nine for my prolonged household was additionally commonplace in my young life, and i loved doing it. I knew where the hair wanted to fall after it was lower – and how the hair needed to look to accentuate a person’s face.

“Hey Alyson, how does this look? ” was a standard query in my dwelling before my family members departed for fancy occasions. Fashion was additionally an enormous ardour of mine – mixing and matching shade and putting cloth and shade the place they had been wanted to accentuate options. That’s what it’s all about, proper? That’s why you’re studying this, and I’m penning this. All of us want to really feel better. Usually when you look good, you feel good.

My strategy to magnificence may be very rudimentary, in all probability because I realized it prior to kindergarten. When you need colour, add it. In the event you need moisture, add it. If a feature seems to be large, make something else look even greater. My job is to educate people in order that they know what to do about their personal beauty considerations. This is not going to be achieved in one general blog feature, but I will help with “tips and tricks” as I write about what comes naturally to me.