A Blog About Research And Linux. Mostly.: 2019


A Blog About Research And Linux. Mostly.: 2019

This post is for windows users (it’s written for a colleague). If you have gaussian for linux (e.g. G09D), then you can set up a little linux installation on windows, install gaussian there and run formchk in the linux environment. The guide assumes you do not really know much about linux, or virtual machines. There are many screenshot — probably way too many — but if you sort out them one at a time it should be easy to get create.

Download the “VirtualBox 5.1.2 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack” as well. It doesn’t have to be version 5.1.2. Download regardless of the latest version is. Run the set up file for virtual box. Assuming that you have cheap and fast internet, download the netinst version of debian. Start virtualbox and create a new machine. Then install linux: Note that at no point are any changes made to your Windows harddrive. NO changes are created to your ‘real’ harddrive, so don’t panic.

For this you’ll need to figure out how to transfer data files between the machines. Easy and simple, most reliable way is via sftp. Do this. It’s easy. Next, configure your digital machine to set up port forwarding. First find out what your Ip is. Sign in using the password and username you created when you installed linux.

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You want for connecting to sftp:/ and port 2222. Use the security password and username you create for linux. We’re only copying formchk here. That’s all we need. You’ll transfer the files using filezilla as shown before. Connect to sftp://, port 2222, and go directly to the g09 directory where your formchk file is. All in all the linux install requires about 1.1 Gb — this could be lower down to 100-200 Mb probably, and the set up can be improved quite easily. However, this is actually the most straightforward set-up that I could think of and never have to do customisation.

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