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Business School Question – College Confidential

With your quantities, I’d be hesitant to use ED as you should get several acceptances. Are you seeking financial aid ? Thanks for your response. Cost a non issue fortunately so no aid. If WashU isn’t your top choice/favorite, I wouldn’t apply ED. I’m most familiar with Michigan – several family went to UM and Ross. MI does have EA, however you won’t listen to from Ross until after Jan/Feb. How are your EC’s?

Business related activities while in HS? Have you looked at the application to Ross? My child was looking at business colleges but chose an Econ level (new business Econ concentrate) from UChicago was preferable and if he later desires to go to go after an MBA he’ll look that path. He applied ED because it was his first choice school, did apply EA to MI (accepted) and some other academic institutions. ECs are good to good.

Internship at Merrill Lynch this summer and volunteering at Junior Achievement. Yes I’ve completed 3 of the 4 essays for the Ross program already. It is so selective though so these top schools are a crap shoot. Also special Olympics several sports activities varsity captain basketball etc. 300-400 hours total. I would only apply to WashU ED only when both are true.

2. You are fine with the thought of foregoing potential merit aid at other colleges. FYI, the next link shows 2018 acceptance rates for 88 undergraduate business schools as well as average SAT scores and % of students in the top 10% of their senior high school classes. 3 UCB Haas will not acknowledge freshman directly into the business school. You would have to applied during your sophomore year for your junior year. Admission is mainly based on GPA..

You should check the institutions you are deciding on see if they acknowledge freshman straight into the undergraduate business school. Otherwise, you would have to compete for a higher GPA to enter. Also, I did so not see USC (LA) on the list. The Poets is loved by me & Quants chart. Nonetheless, I would chose Virginia, Texas, University of Washington & NYU over several higher ranked schools for particular majors & regarding job placement.

OP: My point is that with your amounts (35 ACT & strong GPA) & internship experience with Merrill Lynch, you ought to be admitted to many top 20 undergraduate business institutions. You don’t need to apply ED unless you are targeting a very specific program offered at a specific college. Finance & accounting is an extremely valuable double major.

A high GPA from any top 20 undergraduate business program combined with a GPA above 3.75, should produce remarkable job opportunities. OP, have you considered adding Wake Forest to your list? It wouldn’t be considered a safety, of course, but has some commonalities with SMU and WashU, in case you decide you’d rather a mid-sized school than a huge one.

My DS ’19 acquired some of your institutions on his list as well and he will be heading to Wake this fall. I have re wake. They don’t offer direct admission to the business school and is only a two year program. Yr program Am choosing direct admission and a 3-4. Wash U has most flexible curriculum as well re double major and or minors.

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I’ll throw in another suggestion. Have you investigated UIUC Gies College of Business? UIUC Gies direct admits students as undeclared business majors. Selecting a major is easy except for Supply Chain Management, which requires a separate program. My kids both graduated from Gies. DD17 was a Financing/Supply Chain double major and works at a Big 3 Consulting firm in Chicago presently.

DS19 just graduated with a Finance/Accounting major and Technology and Management minimal. He’ll start work in the Fall in Chicago doing Financial Consulting with a global company. AP credit. UIUC Gies is good with AP credit. My child happens to be taking the CPA exams over the summertime. 12 months of tuition He had over 150 credit hrs with out a 5th. He just passed his first one, FAR, so yay! At Michigan, taking AP credits meant paying the bigger tuition level.