Or: why “affirmations” haven’t any place in the life span of an effective leader. I thought affirmations were foolish always. And it did help tell myself I was “an abundantly blessed woman” and that “the lead and cashflow were strong” (even though they were not). It do help build my confidence and belief…at least until the next abusive prospect screamed in my own hearing and slammed down the phone on me. Then the good feelings quickly evaporated and it was back again to square one…(meaning MORE affirmations).

On bleak days like these (and they were many), the advice from my upline was to say my affirmations frequently aloud – at the least five times a day — to “strengthen my perception”. I remember this one female on my team…she got this special little melody of encouragement she would sing to herself any moment someone hung up on her. To keep you sucked in. To get you wound up enough to continue before next event – where everything starts yet again. Lets face it. The reason its all fluff no substance is because your leaders dont really have anything to instruct you.

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Like you, people up on stage are just pawns in the bigger corporate and business puzzle. They dont know the first thing about marketing. As one of the prominent leaders in my last MLM company willingly confessed: “I dont know any thing about building a business. She have been with her company for 11 years and was making over six-figures. She wasnt scared to flaunt her ignorance Yet.

In fact, she used it as a line of reasoning whenever she spoke to a potential customer: “So you see, if I can do it, You are able to do it too! The reason affirmations receive a lot emphasis in MLM is the same reason the events are so overrated. Its so many people are attempting because. You need a ‘lift of some kind, so that youre actually physically able to drag yourself back again to your desk and pick up that 100 lbs phone once more to dial the next loser. And thats also why the fantasy is needed by you table and the positive sayings submitted around your workplace.

The harder it is to build your business, the greater of most that stuff you need. You dont need to speak yourself into sense a certain way if you ALREADY believe that way…naturally! The truth is, real belief is simply the byproduct of real results! She’s the confidence already; she doesnt need to fake it! If you discover it necessary to constantly use affirmations to reinforce your belief, It is advisable to instead STOP and ask yourself why your business is not producing for you the results you are looking for. That is exactly what thousands upon thousands of networkers around the global world have started doing.

In massive figures, fed-up MLMer are throwing in the towel on downline building and instead embracing a new, groundbreaking concept called GPT. GPT is a business model that is virtually immune system to downline attrition and essentially removes the individual networkers sales and marketing skills as variables for his or her success.

Hence, it levels the taking part in field so that new marketers could enjoy the same results as seasoned veterans. The machine is 90% computerized; theres no cold calling or dialing for dollars, no selling, no three-ways, no explaining complicated compensation plans and no time-consuming follow-up. You can REALISTICALLY replace ones income within 60 to 90 days, and create an executive level income potential ones initial season in business.