10 Healthy Skin Habits You Should Adopt INSIDE YOUR 20s


10 Healthy Skin Habits You Should Adopt INSIDE YOUR 20s

At twenty years old, my skincare schedule consisted of nothing but makeup wipes, Vaseline for dry lips, and the casual acne treatment. Well, it’s a good thing we get wiser with age group. Around 25, I understood that keeping the glowing skin of the 20-something well into my 30s will take a little of work. “The natural aging process usually starts in the late 20s/early 30s,” Amy Perlmutter, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at the brand new York Dermatology Group, tells SELF.

“The production of collagen begins to decline, resulting in thinner skin. Now, I never set off without applying my antioxidant serum and a SPF 30 sunscreen (however the makeup wipes remain on my bedside stand because I’m lazy AF some nights). Preserving the best epidermis you will ever have starts with learning good habits and filling your bathrooms with the right products. And I understand what you’re considering, I don’t have time or money for an extended, 10-step skincare routine. But caring for your complexion doesn’t have to be complicated. Committing to these 10 healthy epidermis behaviors in your 20s shall keep you looking forever young.

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