Guide To The Top Free Android Apps


Guide To The Top Free Android Apps

The Android mobile platform has turned into a major player in the smartphone market and there are thousands of applications to choose from. As the top iPhone applications continue steadily to rack up impressive sales figures it appears that Android users expect a little more for free. Sales of paid Android apps simply haven’t removed in the same way. Luckily there are loads of great free Android apps.

It is worth noting that don’t assume all Android cell phone can run every application out there, because of variable hardware versions and specifications of the OS. We’ve all seen application round ups before and they include applications that come as standard with most phones often, for example Google Maps, Facebook, and Twitter.

We’ll miss those here and make an effort to dig out various other free options that you’ll be thinking about. We’ll start with Barcode Scanner because it is a terrific time saver that allows one to scan QR rules on your monitor display and zoom directly to the app in question. You can also use it to scan product barcodes and find reviews or best price information.

It’s user friendly and shows to be the most convenient way to really get your applications. This is a great free Android program for quick file transfers. No need to sign up for an account install the application simply, demand website in your internet browser, enter the pin code and move and drop files to transfer them from your computer to your phone. Fast, simple and very useful.

While reading on a mobile phone isn’t ideal it is nice to have the option when you merely have your telephone on you. As far as the options go it’s hard to beat Aldiko. It includes a simple, streamlined interface which offers usage of thousands of free books. Well worth installing. Check out our Aldiko review for more.

This admittance could prove very helpful, especially for city dwellers. It effectively offers you information on events, restaurants and other points of interest near you. There are user reviews and postings on the neighborhood wall structure to inform you what’s going on around you. It’s not much use in rural areas but if the user base grows it’ll are more and more useful. This is easily one of the most useful free Android applications around.

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It allows you to use your Android telephone as a handy remote control for your media content on your PC. Install the app Simply, install the PC software and you may search for and play (or fast ahead, rewind and pause) music or movies. You can also utilize it for desktop control and a new feature (still in beta) is the capability to stream content to your mobile phone. Browse the Gmote review for further. The simple style of Urbanspoon helps it be a winner when it comes to finding a meal. It’s like a fruits machine for finding eateries out.

You can choose categories to stick to (location, kind of food, price) and then shake the phone to see a new suggestion. You’ll get details of the restaurant and reviews. Great if you can’t decide where you can eat. The whole idea of augmented reality is removing. Layar is one of the best options and shows up in our top augmented fact apps for Android round up. Searching for various different things (like for property for sale), to you close, and they’ll be shown over the camera view on your display. Clever, handy and full of options, Layar can be an exciting standout app in the free Android apps fall into line.

Many Android smartphones come with powerful surveillance cameras nowadays and as a result there are several related apps. My top select from the large number of options for picture taking in the Android Market is FXCamera. It offers you the option of six different filters for your photos plus they all ongoing work great.