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“I usually liked the guarantee of CDs. It wasn’t a lot the quality however the quick access to a given track. After vinyl and cassette that was a real plus. My first CD player was a five CD multi changer. My second was a ten CD changer for the electric motor car. I liked the thought of quick access to several CD and music that didn’t repeat after 40 minutes. These players were fine but a bit clunky – there have been several seconds of silence between CDs and in the car I could never find the right CD.

A couple of years ago I needed a chance at launching my cassette collection onto a PC. Cassettes were obsolete but I owned around 100 and the music on them reflected an important period in my life. I documented all the cassettes on to the PC over a period of several weeks. The thing is I paid attention to the music on the PC never. Using a computer to listen to music never worked out Somehow.

Maybe the computer was in the wrong place but I believe it lacked the immediacy of the physical play button. In the end the computer got a pathogen and the music documents were lost – I still experienced the cassettes thankfully. The JB7 is my personal ideal music player” really. The complainant challenged if the ad incited consumers to break regulations, since it was illegal to copy music without permission from the copyright owner. 3GA said the JB7 was one of a fresh generation of audio devices that offered the facility to insert CDs onto an electric memory to enjoy them better.

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  2. Put on the mouse guard at the entrance
  3. Plan for an exclusive Space for Your Office
  4. Determine which form of business is most appropriate in a specific situation
  5. Add Section E: Limited Partnerships to Chapter 2, with a focus on private collateral LPs
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They said there would be no proof that unless there is a judgement against a JB7 owner. The ASA observed the merchandise was a CD player as well as having a hard drive to store CDs and also record from vinyl and cassette. We also noted, however, it repeatedly made mention of the advantages of the product being able to duplicate music but did not make clear that it was unlawful to do so without the permission of the copyright owner. We considered the entire impression of the advertisement was so that it inspired consumers and businesses to copy CDs, cassettes and vinyl.

In the absence of prominent explanation, we concluded that the ad implied it was suitable to duplicate CDs misleadingly, cassettes and vinyl with no authorization of the copyright owner. We also considered that the ad encouraged visitors to use the advertised product in this real way and that, therefore, it incited consumers to break the statutory rules.

The ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 1.10 (Legality) and 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising). The ad must not show up again in its current form. We told 3GA to ensure future advertisements for such products prominently stated that it was unlawful to copy material with no permission of the copyright owner.

When I started to bring my second chair right down to flat, a FA put and emerged a mattress onto my chair. This was new really. I like the old LH seat for seating, but as a side sleeper I’ve always had a problem with the surface of the seat. The mattress completely evened this away, so this was my very first Lufthansa HIGH GRADE flight during which I slept effectively.

I woke up after 4 hrs of a really good rest when they began to prepare the next service. It was some sort of a salad with a lot of additions like marinated mushrooms, dried tomatoes, but also some warm swordfish. It wasn’t really a lunch or a dinner, but instead something like an Italian anitpasti plate. However, it was excellent.

We found its way to Washington with time and I must clearly say that was one of the best Lufthansa plane tickets I’ve ever had. But to be honest, I wouldn’t book this airline flight in the foreseeable future anymore. Right the issues started now. This flight arrives within a very small amount of time frame as well as a lot of other flights. We were at the gate at 3:20 p.m. I left through the hinged door 4:50 p.m.

When I found my rental it was soon after 5 p.m. Nevertheless: It was a great flight and I am really getting excited about the new LH First cabin. Alongside the new heart of the cabin crew it could turn into a really High grade experience in the foreseeable future (in contrast to the ones in the past).