Angela McIntosh Makeup Artist


Angela McIntosh Makeup Artist

A Calgary Makeup Artist experienced as a commercial makeup artist contracting in film, tv, print, lifestyle picture taking, commercial advertising campaign and creative content creation. Angela is a Mobile Makeup Artist in Calgary, Cochrane, Banff & Canmore. A used makeup designer in corrective, wedding/bridal, body/airbrush and SPFX makeups. She offers makeup lessons and instruction. Angela designs custom workshops for educational institutions and workplace workout sessions.

She also provides makeup mentoring in private or group classes. She works on location and doesn’t have a small business front solely. Angela involves you! Professionally trained as a film makeup artist, Angela has over ten years of experience in the Alberta Tv and Film Industry. Angela is skilled in makeup design for HD/4K/RED Camera Resolutions in TV/film.

Angela also provides on arranged hair-styling while applying makeup for 3rd party film, print production, corporate head photos, moulage, boudoir photo sessions and general public personalities. Currently you’ll find Angela makeuping in TV, corporate video, stock creation and creative content production. She loves her jobs as a curriculum creator especially, workshop presenter so that as staff for creative organizations and their art directors. Angela appreciates the atmosphere of working as an on site event makeup artist and has experience in makeup program workshop facilitation and class room instruction.

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