For The Year Happy 2019 And Goals!


For The Year Happy 2019 And Goals!

Having said that, why have I been so tranquil .. Among my “goal” for 2019 is to earn at least 200,000 miles from both ongoing work and credit credit card spending. Since this is the start of 2019, let’s take a quick stock of how my 2018 goals performed. You are able to read about my goals for 2018 here. This goal is achieved as i had a good season where i had a good reward after meeting goals at the job and considering that my portfolio has also grown to a good size, it generated decent interest and dividend income. The CPF helped generated a fair bit of interest income also.

1m in my own last post here. I added more bonds to my profile in 2019 (instead of shares) and using bank or investment company leverage. 84,852. I will likely increase my contact with bonds as i become “old”. My CPF balances also enjoyed a complete year appealing since i repaid the CPF used for purchasing my property in 2017. A later date when i receive the color claims from CPF I will blog about it.

100,000 in my own collection value. I published off my investment in Hyflux and my SRS positions also declined in value, where UMS started to fall significantly from its height especially. 33,000 in 2018. This is due to outsized benefits from the RTO in Memories Group. You can read about my IPO tikams here.

20,000 target. In this regard, the target will stay the same. Goal 5 for 2018: Limited in what I could do here. The above goal was not achieved as i have already hit my FRS and cannot contribute voluntarily anymore. In this regard, i am going to not pursue this further. year 2018 was a great!

Watch Liverpool performed against its arch rival in Anfield. Go to the Alpine path in Japan and start to see the Autumn leaves! Goal 7 for 2018: unchanged. For 2019, i am going to maintain my weight at below 83kg just! That should make it achievable (i am hoping). Here’s wishing all my visitors and “fans” a Happy 2019! I hope you have already established the goals but more importantly, analyzed the goals you have set in 2018 to see should you continue or change them for the better!

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