Mario Badescu Skin Care Range Review


Mario Badescu Skin Care Range Review

Here’s a review on Mario Badescu’s skin care range. I don’t know what really pushed me to try Mario Badescu, but whatever reason it was, it was divinely led as I have found THE VERY BEST acne solution there is perhaps. A lot of my friends in the beauty industry kept recommending this relative line if you ask me and truly, they weren’t doing this for no reason!

And now I am one of its patrons and I’d always recommend it to a lot of my friends who suffer from pimples. Actually, I suggested it just recently to a friend of mine’s sister, and she loves it too-she said that it treated her acne fast and lightened some marks too! Mario Badescu is world- famous for his simple skin care range that targets the most common problem in the world: Acne.

His products are made with select ingredients and tried and tested formulations. Celebrities and regular consumers alike are enthusiasts of his skin care range. I’ve the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, the ever popular drying lotion, and the silver powder so click READ MORE to learn my journey with this fabulous brand!

Mario Badescu has different products depending on your skin layer type, but they all address acne. There are products for extremely oily skin and mixture normal/oily skin, but I don’t really remember if they have something for dried out skin. There are also treatments that address anti- aging and chicken skin (Keratoplast series). I got the following products for mixture normal/oily skin-even if my skin can get really oily, I don’t want to lose a precious amount of sebum since it keeps my pores and skin moisturized, normally.

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  • Pour toner with a cosmetic oil into a small bottle and utilize it as an oil mist. 7:3 proportion
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This is a non- foaming, refreshing, and easy-to-rinse gel that mattifies skin and gives you a cool, clean feeling. It generally does not contain soap ingredients, thus it won’t leave your skin dry and taut. If persistence is gel Even, it’s thick and emollient enough to eliminate makeup and dirt residue on pores and skin. It has this fresh floral smell that’s so calming and two pea- sized dots would suffice.

This fundamentally a toner, but it’s more viscous than the average toner. It smells like cucumber and despite the alcohol content, it isn’t drying and removes excess oil. It contains cucumber extracts to kill acne- causing bacteria. That is the best toner to day because it’s pretty refreshing and soft enough for the normal elements of my epidermis, and I must say i observed it helped drive out my skin by detatching deep- seated dirt. My cotton pad is always filthy when I’m using the product, so yay! This toner always assures me that my skin’s genuinely clean before I sleep!