WHAT’S ‘;beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’;?


WHAT’S ‘;beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder’;?

What is ‘;beauty is in the attention of the beholder’;? What does it really suggest? What one person considers beautiful another might not. The beholder is the one seeing ‘;vision’;What’s ‘;beauty is in the attention of the beholder’;? What does it really imply? The perception of beauty differs in one another.

No two visions of excellence are alike. Everything has beauty in it. It just all depends upon whose eyes it is seen through. Lark:.What’s ‘;beauty is within the attention of the beholder’;? What does it really indicate? It means most of us have different tastes in what we consider beautiful, well, sometimes. So while one chick may look unappealing for you, she might be quite to me, and the other way around.

I like the saying, Beauty is in the attention of the Beerholder! Were you watching the Twilight Zone again? I believe u first got it wrong. It’s ‘;beauty is within the eye of the Beer-holder’;. To me this means, say. She’s the most amazing thing in the world, doesn’t matter if everybody else thinks she’s a dog. Who cares what strangers think of us, all that matters is: What we should think of ourselves, what our partner thinks, and how our kids think folks. That’s alot for your question, lol, sorry if I got off monitor, i do that.

It means everyone has different opinions of what’s beautiful. It imply that the person taking a look at something might believe it is beautiful, while some1 else might believe that it is unappealing. Beauty very from person to person. It means differing people have different opinion of what’s beautiful.

Different people have different views on what’s beautiful. If you believe something or somone is beautiful it is – simple as that then! In simplest way to describe the look is meant by this expression of a person is much less important. It’s only about people’s opinion about what or who is beautiful or handsome.

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External appearance or attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality of the person. Look is not why is a person, it’s what’s from within that matters. It means what you find beautiful, another person may not, and vice verse. ONE MANS MEAT IS ANOTHER MANS POISON. YOU PREFER HER BECAUSE YOU PREFER EVERYTHING YOU SEE. BUT I DON’T LIKE HER BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE WHAT I SEE, if you see what i mean? Everyone sees something different when they take a look at something.

For example, you might think some girl you saw is really ugly just. She may have her face all broken out and her hair is all messy, and let’s face it, she could lose five or ten pounds. You might not find her attractive at all. But, to another person, she could have just given birth to their first child and every one of the hormones and stuff have gotten to her. To him, she actually is still beautiful cause he adores her and really knows her, for a day not just what she looks like.

Say you and your friends are out in a pub and this lady walks in and also you say of my gosh she’s hot but none of friends and family seem to believe so.. What is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you. This means beauty is diffrent to all social people one person might think someone is incredibly ugly, but another might think that same person is beutiful. Each person, who finds something beautiful, has a distinctive belief of the object’s beauty.

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