Nissan Had Tech That Drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault Plan: Analysts


Nissan Had Tech That Drove Fiat Chrysler-Renault Plan: Analysts

Nissan wasn’t consulted on the suggested merger between its alliance partner Renault and Fiat Chrysler, but the Japanese carmaker’s reluctance to complement may have helped cause the shock collapse of the discussions, analysts say. The board of Renault, on Thursday that met, didn’t get so far as voting on the proposal, announced last week, which would have created the world’s third-biggest carmaker, trailing only Volkswagen AG of Germany and Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp. When the French government, Renault’s top shareholder with a 15 percent stake, asked for additional time to convince Nissan, Fiat Chrysler Chairman John Elkann withdrew the offer abruptly.

Although analysts say reviving the talks isn’t out of the question, they say trust among the players has been damaged. Katsuya Takeuchi, senior analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in Tokyo. Renault and Fiat Chrysler outlined possible synergies that come from sharing parts and research costs as the benefits of the merger.

But what Fiat Chrysler lacks and really needed was what’s called in the industry “electrification technology”, Takeuchi said. With emissions regulations getting stricter throughout the global world, having such technology is vital. Yokohama-based Nissan makes the world’s best-selling electric car, the Leaf. Nissan is also a head in autonomous-driving technology, another area the carmakers are trying to innovate all. Nissan has long resisted pressures from Renault for a complete merger, and Japanese media reported that Renault had likely hoped its lobbying power would be boosted, if it had merged with Fiat Chrysler. However the collapse of the talks with Fiat Chrysler might suggest Renault would simply concentrate even more on the merger with Nissan, on Fri the Asahi paper said.

Nissan Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa told reporters past due on Thursday that he desired time to discover what the Fiat Chrysler-Renault merger might imply for Nissan, phoning it “moving to the next stage”. He reiterated his reservations about a full merger with Renault, stressing Nissan must convert its business around first.

They didn’t look good, and I was longing for the scones I liked before. Desserts were scattered at the top, starting with oatmeal peanut or raisin butter cookies, a bit of a strange choice given how common peanut allergies are. The peanut was tried by me butter cookie, which wasn’t great, a difficult style, not flavorful particularly.

Next to those were assorted muffins, again, likely from breakfast time, that didn’t look particularly good. The other dessert was “assorted dessert cakes”, which looked like pumpkin cream mozzarella cheese loaf cake, which I skipped. This area had rolls. Made to Order Noodles. As always, the celebrity of the Cathay Lounge is meant to be the noodles, all designed to order. The same three varieties were still offered – wonton, dan dan, or vegetarian.

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I ordered the wonton noodles again, although I didn’t look after them last time. Noodle bowls are created individually by an employee member in the tiny kitchen. My order was fairly prepared, my buzzer going off by the right time I had formed gotten a drink and a few other items.

Served from the screen on a holder with chopsticks and a spoon. The soup was steaming and hot, but I did not look after the taste of the broth, which is could sensed last time too. The noodles were mushy kinda, ramen noodles. The only vegetables in the dish were two big hunks of juicy enough bok choy. The pasta was mushy, the filling firm too.

I love this idea, but, I never actually like the results. After my cruise through the Cathay Pacific lounge, I made a decision to browse the British Airways lounge as well, knowing they had better snacks usually. It was interesting to compare the welcome I got (“Are you sure you do not want to use the KLM lounge?”), the food stations (totally depleted), and the guests (crying babies, people almost everywhere, no free dining tables).