Listed below are extremely common objections and concerns that people normally give. Most of the time, theses objections are a simple learned a reaction to anybody trying to sell something. I wish to consult with my spouse. Mr Prospect, it is good that you would like to discuss with your spouse. In our dialogue, do you find the ideas and knowledge useful? If you discover it useful, then your same ideas will be useful to your partner as well.

You can start the program first. We are able to meet your spouse later and discuss with her. You are extremely new. Mr Prospect, I am a Unit Trust Consultant. My co-workers and I reveal ideas on how you may make your money work harder for you by investing. The Company has a team of investment specialists to control your spent money. They study and choose good companies to buy at a good price. I might be new, however the Company has many years of experience. THE BUSINESS had won many awards on the funds they managed.

They are well recognized in the industry. How Can Unit Trust generate income? Money committed to unit trust funds are pooled from similar traders like you collectively. The equity fund managers invest into stocks of good companies. Buying shares means buying a small part of a large company.When the companies have good business, they make earnings.

  • Any wrongful action, circumstance or state reported under a prior policy
  • Expected future business conditions
  • Macroeconomic outlook is broadly steady with 5% development rate in FY2015
  • Mobile bank service,
  • Morgan Stanley (MS): Down 5%
  • Global Cash Portal
  • 1959 – GEICO starts its new head office in Chevy Chase, MD
  • Investment or financial planning software or online services

Profits returned to investors giving dividends. Meanwhile a good company’s share increase in price. Buying low and offering higher will give Capital Gain also. Build up of capital dividends and gain can make the collateral money increased in value. Is it possible to give discounts? The original service charge is billed by the ongoing company. I shall consult with you about your own future programs.

I enable you to arrange for your financial goals and recommend suitable funds for investment. As a UTC, I am doing the service for FREE. THE BUSINESS only charge one time through the initial investment. This is to hide the marketing and processing fees. There are no charges after that.

The invested funds can pay for the annual Management fees, trustee fees, and other functional fees. Example for Not Interested. Mr Prospect, may I know why you are not interested? What else to cause you to not interested? Mr Prospect, thank you for sharing your ideas. Actually, nobody shall be really interested if they don’t have much information about something. This is why I am here to talk about more information with you. We are able to share ideas and ask more questions to clarify our understanding. Can you share steps to make you interested? What else to make you interested?

Example for No Money. May I know why you are experiencing no money issue? What else that cause you to have insufficient money? Mr Prospect, thank you for being sharing and honest beside me. So, Mr Prospect, as you know that was a nagging problem, would you like to prevent the insufficient money problem from happening again?

One idea you can try is to save lots of a small amount first before you begin spending. It is better to save lots of FIRST, SPEND THE REST. Another idea is that you should look into your expenses. Have an archive of your expenses to learn where your money had gone to. Another interesting idea is to earn more. Do you want to learn how to help people and save money at exactly the same time also? Example for No Need.