Jodi Roche Makeup


Jodi Roche Makeup

I had not been ever planning to do a post on this but it’s been brought to my attention a great deal recently and I think it’s for most reasons! People always ask: why do you do before and afters? I have a few answers for your one. Mainly, I like to show the power of makeup and what it can do, how it can transform how a person looks. Secondly, I do love to showcase my skill at covering blemishes, it’s not hard to do but I love that side from it too, as vain as it might appear.

Thirdly, just because I can. People also ask: where did you find the confidence to show off your bare face? In all honesty, showing my bare face is no problem for me. I can take selfies without makeup, I can go about my day without a scrap of makeup on like I’m just okay with it. People then ask: but why and how do you take action?

My response to that is, we’re all humans. No matter whether you’re male, feminine, a makeup addict or an all natural beauty. We will most likely all experience a blemish at least or double inside our life once. Some of us get it bad and some may be lucky to only get a few blemishes a year!

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Everyone differs, everyone’s skin differs but we are all subject to a blemish or two. I want to show my followers on Instagram just, Facebook and Snapchat that it is okay like. It’s fine showing off a bare face. We are all in the one boat. I just didn’t want to be constantly uploading photos of myself with full dental coverage plans makeup & my pores and skin looking flawless and people thinking: wow she has great skin.

The fact of the matter is which i don’t have perfect epidermis and probably never will. I don’t have acne but I really do get bad breakouts. If you do suffer from any pores and skin problems I would recommend seeing a specialist to obtain it sorted. That’s what I’m doing right now and I’m so excited to get on the road to raised skin.

I’m wishing my pores and skin will improve but I’ll still do before and after’s! I have freckles and pigmentation and all that nutrients so don’t worry, I’ll still have to hide a few bits. I hope you enjoyed this post and gained a little more confidence about your skin.

Just remember we’re all human, we all get a spot or two and you can go out in public without makeup on! I only wear makeup about three times a week so it’s not big offer! Don’t be concerned or stress about it, go see someone if you are worried but just don’t let your skin keep you back. I feel awful when someone informs me they can’t go into town with out a full face on, it’s such a pity because you might just be going for milk! I’d encourage one to have a few bare faced selfies! Let’s all remind one another that it’s grand to not have a flawless face! It’s so unrealistic anyways, no one has a flawless face. Not Beyonce or Kendall Jenner so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Birthmarks found on the faces are believed to be angel’s kisses. For Mongolian birthmarks, there are communities that believe they are because of this of religious beating to eject a child using their mother’s womb. A lot of the meanings discussed are only superstitious. The level to how true these are is yet to be proven.

It may also be diluted to whatever suits your skin whether you are doing an area treatment or using it all over your face; if you have sensitive pores and skin you might dilute it more than suggested above. Remember, coconut apple and essential oil cider vinegar are from nature and nature can’t be defeat! Home RemediesNatural Apple Cider Vinegar Remedies And Does Apple Cider Vinegar Cure?