Kasia Mosaics FAQ


Kasia Mosaics FAQ

All of the mosaics, drawings, photos and paintings on the Kasia Mosaics website are originals created by Kasia. Below is a summary of asked questions. What is the material that Kasia uses to generate her mosaics and exactly how does she create all those unique shapes? Kasia works with stained cuts and glass and shapes each piece of glass independently using hand tools. So how exactly does Kasia come up with the images for her mosaics?

Kasia does a lot of planning and prep for every mosaic. She moves and takes a lot of reference point photos for her projects. Additionally she hand -ketches the images for any mosaic that’s not directly predicated on one of her photos. Kasia uses anyone else imagery never, artwork or photos to bottom her projects on. Can I copy the work that I see on this website and share it online as my own? I love the images that I see on the website really, can I share them on my social network?

Yes. Whenever sharing images of Kasia’s artwork, please credit it with the artist’s full name “Kasia Polkowska”. Can I email Kasia with questions when it comes to my own mosaic task or Kasia’s mosaic process? Why can’t I find answers to my mosaic questions on this site? That is an artist website where Kasia stocks her own art work and her process.

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This is not done for an educational purpose but rather as an creative expression. I really like Kasia’s art work and discover the technique fascinating, how can I find out more about it? Kasia offers Online Mosaic Classes that are available for streaming all over the world. Please visit the Kasia Mosaics Classes Website for more information. The classes include project templates created by Kasia, with instructions on how to use all the tools Kasia uses and it walks the students through the entire stained cup mosaic process, detail by detail.

Additionally there are numerous tutorials and usage of a private facebook group where students reach connect to Kasia as well as each other and to talk about works in progress as well as their completed tasks. If a course is used by me from Kasia, will I be able to duplicate and create work like hers just?

No. Going for a class will not supply the students authorization to duplicate Kasia’s work and puts the artist in an awkward situation. If you are intending to start a business based on Kasia’s work, please do not enroll in any of her classes as that is not part of the class. I simply really like Kasia’s work and desire to create work of the same caliber.

What should I do to do this? Take into account that Kasia is a mosaic musician for over 10 years. Additionally she has attended art college for 4 years where she researched fine arts. Kasia is also a painter, a drawer, a photographer and a ceramic musician. Going for a mosaic class to learn the fundamentals of the mosaic techniques is a start.

But keep in mind that taking one course won’t make you an artist. It’ll introduce you to a fresh technique and give you a lot of suggestions to explore beyond the class. Spending time sketching, perfecting your technique, exploring your own ideas and finding your own voice as an musician is crucial. Over night – it requires talent Being an artist will not happen, skill, creativity and the majority of all time and commitment.

Start-ups and people with stars in their eyes often have problems with delusions of grandeur. Play it smart and objectively think. Models appreciate the truth and not fluff. And PLEASE do not make your casting appear to be you as your client are doing the models a huge favour by offering them an opportunity–especially if it sucks. No offense but those castings will be the worst, not to mention very condescending. Professional respect is a two-way road. I’m not just a household name–yet–but I’ve a great deal of experience under my belt and my resume is fairly intensive so please don’t think it’s an ego thing while i make this point.

There are a lot of models in the same professional category as I am that are demanding proper treatment and conditions from clients that are looking to work with us. That is a business first and foremost so don’t take it personally if you find models that only want to deal with established and credible companies that will further their professions. No model wants to remain at the start-up level permanently. The economy is tough–we all know it and we are all being affected.