FS315 FS-CD Customizing Part 1


FS315 FS-CD Customizing Part 1

FS315 FS-CD Customizing Part 1 1

The Business Partner element enables you to create and deal with business companions centrally. You can use the Business Partner component to group data a company already stores in several system. Which means that potential new contracts can be discovered within the same customer contacts. It is possible to integrate customer-specific data without adjustment.

This guarantees complete maintenance in the future. Defined interfaces can be found for this function. Business Partner is a fresh, independent component, which is inlayed in the SAP Business Framework. This guarantees integration into a preexisting system surroundings, and cooperation with other external applications. The SAP BP can be used as a server for non-SAP systems, as data is distributed using BAPIs. BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) are called up from exterior systems, using various basis systems (COM/DCOM, CORBA, JAVA, RFC, and so forth). In the foreseeable future, you’ll be able to spread business partner data to various systems.

Open architecture, which is utilized to convert the features of the R/3 system into a bundle of modularized components. Components can be combined and designated to one another you want however, and they can be extended with suitable components from other providers. The business partner master record consists of data that is required for the management of business transactions, including addresses, loan company details, phone number(s), and software- and customer-specific improvements. Postings for receivables or payables are always assigned to one business partner and one agreement accounts.

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Business partners are at the guts of business transactions, and thus at the guts of business interest. All relevant information in regards to a business partner must therefore be available quickly in consolidated form. This means that a central view of a business partner over all areas is needed. A business partner exists only one time, regardless of the business transaction where they’re participating. A business partner can come into connection with a company in several situations.

The information required on the business partner may vary, with regards to the specific business processes in which a business partner participates. The business partner in FS-CD in created in the MKK role. Other roles aren’t available in FS-CD. The technical conversion of a particular function for a business partner takes place by transferring the business partner ID to a control field for the contract account/insurance object.

Many companies require specific information about a business partner. SAP’s Business Partner supplies the central characteristics of a business partner (such as name, addresses, standard bank details), as well as the infrastructure for adding specific features. Downstream advancements (R/3 applications, development companions and customers) can prolong the SAP BP with other qualities, with no need for adjustment (release-independent).

Business partner expert data displays can be adapted to suit company-specific requirements. You can select the information that is available for a business partner, according for you requirements. Users can utilize the Visual Configuration Tool (VCT) to configure the Business Partner screen with “move and drop”. No modifications are required for a release update.

Interfaces guarantee the integration of the business partner, and are required for problem-free co-operation with applications within an existing, heterogeneous system scenery. SAP Business Partner offers related BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) for communication with existing applications. These BAPIs enable other applications to access data from the SAP Business Partner.

Neutral application data such as name, address, loan company details and payment credit cards are created in the business partner expert record. Special requirements are fulfilled for business partners that are organizations, individuals or groups. This also enables an open infrastructure for SAP business partners, to make application-specific attributes for a business partner.

SAP BP delivers defined interfaces, which can be used to web page link the BP features from various applications. Existing BP assignments within SAP can be integrated steadily into SAP BP then. The model for the new business partner in the R/3 standard allows the business partner (BP) to be managed as the central data object. Business partner category: Category in which a business partner is classified.