Investing & Profiting From The Real Estate Market Collapse In Phoenix, Arizona


Investing & Profiting From The Real Estate Market Collapse In Phoenix, Arizona

Investing & Profiting From The Real Estate Market Collapse In Phoenix, Arizona 1

What Causes AN IDEAL Storm? Well that’s the million money question, isn’t it? What I deem a perfect storm is a couple of circumstances that happen once, maybe double in a lifetime that offers unparalleled chance to purchase undervalued real estate at unnaturally depressed prices. So what’s causing the Perfect Storm Today? But first, we need to examine the most important issue a real estate trader must evaluate when choosing where and when to purchase a genuine property investment – LOCATION.

I’m sure you’ve heard the age-old adage, “location, location, location”. I’ve a different spin with this saying. Mine will go more like, “location, timing, cash-flow”. Nevertheless, location is still number 1 on the list. If the underlying market is not strong with prospect of rental and value increases in the foreseeable future, then what’s the point of buying the first place? First, let’s take a look at Metropolitan Phoenix all together for location. Why the heck do you need it property in the center of the desert? Environment – People want to live because of the warm here, sunny weather.

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It is why snow-birds come in flocks for the winter and to retire. We all know that the infant boomers are achieving retirement. Affordability – Phoenix is one of the most affordable places to reside in the united states. While this statistic had taken a temporary hit during the last boom, we’ve dropped back down to being extremely appealing to business based on real estate beliefs, labor pool and overall cost of living. This will continue to attract business, retirees and labor to the area for the long term. Standard of Living – very high.

Ease of commuting, and a fresh young, vibrant city leads visitors to want to live here. These factors have resulted in the amazing positive population growth Metro Phoenix has experience for the past 50 years. During times of economic hardship Even, people still continue to move here at a exceptional pace.

This puts strain on the housing marketplace and undoubtedly leads to appreciation. After deciding that Phoenix is the right spot to purchase real estate, your next task it to pick a sub-market within the metro region which makes the most investment sense. These will be talked about later in this survey and a professional real estate professional can help you in selecting sub-markets to invest in that match these criteria. Phoenix real property has always appreciated at a steady pace with the exception of a few substantial run-ups in value followed by razor-sharp declines.

The decline of the past due 1980s was briefly reviewed above. So what has triggered the latest mass-speculation and run-up in ideals between 2003 and 2006? Well there were a few culprits that acted collectively to make this latest debacle. Underlying Market Strength – As above stated, Metro Phoenix has inherent underlying market strength.

Cheap Credit – Interest levels came down to unusual levels making it easier to buy more property with less overall. Overabundance of Credit – It were only available in the past due 1990s when Bill Clinton handed down legislation freeing up credit to allow more folks to buy homes – the sub-prime mortgage market was made.