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Point Me To Your Own Blog

I am completely new to Heartland Area Education Agency, located in suburban Des Moines centrally. But, i want to back up. I went to Luther College in Decorah, majoring in English and Philosophy Education. After a substitute teaching experience in Eagan, Minnesota, my first position was at North Winneshiek MS/HS, in rural Decorah (no, there is no urban Decorah… consider it more rural Decorah). Graduating course there is about 30 students, and I trained 6 different levels in an 8-period day.

While those details might bore you, there are a few interesting things about my background. I consider myself part of the last cohort of “digital immigrants”. True, I’m geeky. I’m very intuitive as it pertains to new things, and I love to play. I used some Mac computers growing up, manipulating the LOGO turtle, operating the lemonade stand, and mastering Aldus PageMaker.

But, Year in university I did not use the internet at all until my sophomore, and I received my B.A. I proceeded to go in to the global world of teaching not having any knowledge of technical integration or internet research. The irony is that everywhere I’ve gone here, I’m assumed to be a “digital native”.

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I’m young, or young comparatively. I’m good with technology. I have to have grown up with learning on the internet. ONCE I teach graduate programs for teachers, especially those who are digital immigrants and self-admittedly struggle to learn technical skills fully, it’s hard for some of these to think that I sympathize with them… I’ve been there!

The other interesting thing is that, I really believe, I have a unique view of how education changes forever drastically. I’ve this view having grown up as students in the old world, and having taught only in the ” new world “, and there are many times after i marvel at the difference.

I’ve seen this change at the same time after i am reflective in educational pedagogy and aware of my surroundings. All this leads me to think that I’m seeing something very special. A lot more than the initiative du jour- the outcomes-based education It’s, or led reading, or entire language, or whatever else is reported to be the future of education, only to be recycled into something else. In this full case, education does not have any choice but to improve.