Do Business Here, Not There: THE VERY BEST Countries To Start A Business


Do Business Here, Not There: THE VERY BEST Countries To Start A Business

Certain countries get overhyped to be best for businesses, without regard for their actual degrees of economic freedom. Reacall those Eat This, Not That books from the last 10 years? They sold lots of copies, showing you that because you ordered a particular salad just, you weren’t going to lose excess weight.

Maybe that trim roast beef sandwich might have less unwanted fat than the tofu burger. It’s the same way with doing business far away. There are some that just appear so good for business on paper, but it’s mainly based on publicity and notion, not reality. There are a lot of publications eager to tout other countries as a place to send your financial activity abroad.

One of the greatest known is the U.S. News and World Report’s (USNWR) “Best Countries to start out a Business.” The journal highlights the tough task of picking a foreign country to purchase. The most recent study hypes several Parts of asia to do business. Thailand is ranked first, accompanied by India, China, Singapore and Malaysia, with Mexico just beyond your top five. But are these the best business places abroad? The pro-business Heritage Foundation has its ranks, the Index of Economic Freedom. Thailand may be number 1 with USNWR but is 43rd best on the Heritage’s ranks of economic independence. India falls from number 2 to number 129 out of 180 countries.

China gets all the hype, but of the results little, as the communist routine only supplies the 100th best spot to do business for the Heritage rankings. These aren’t a few misclassified countries just. Some countries like Costa Rica are wonderful spots to go to and have a few of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, which belies just how much hassle the government will give you if you try to begin a business there.

Media hype on China and Vietnam, and good pr by both totalitarian regimes, don’t often include the reality that the government basically controls much of a business leader’s financial actions, foreign and domestic. Brazil may have hosted the World Cup and Olympics, but beyond those big sporting events, there are a great number of problems. Here’s the list, and that means you can compare where to go, and not go, with your investment dollars.

As you can see, over fifty percent of the list of the top 25 places to start a business have countries that aren’t in the top 25 for economic freedom. Those in red are overhyped business areas. Of course, the Eat This, Not That book, warning you about this chicken salad or new pasta, won’t help you, if it doesn’t tell you what you should order. What should you choose if you go to the California Pizza Kitchen with friends and family?

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That blackened trout or grilled sirloin may have less fats and fewer calories from fat than you think. Similarly, it’s far better know where to do business, and not where to avoid investing just. So I experienced the Index of Economic Freedom to get the countries left from the USNWR list, that will be freer free of charge enterprise.

As you can see, this isn’t a list exclusively for North America and West Europe. You’ll see countries from Africa (Mauritius, Rwanda, Botswana), the center East and Central Asia (Israel, Georgia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar), East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, Macau), Latin America (Chile) and East Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Bulgaria). It’s not about whether everyone is fairly symbolized, but if the place is rather best for international investment.

You will get them across the world, if you go through the right data, the right variables, and avoid the mere buzz about where the best spot to do business in the world is. John A. Tures is a professor of political science at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia-read his full bio here.

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