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It’s not some new strategy or idea. It isn’t effort, natural talent, or luck. Execution is the one greatest differentiator. Simply put, successful people perform better than those that don’t achieve their goals. It is the number one barrier standing between you and the life span you are capable of living.

One of the things that gets in the way of effectively executing and achieving our best is the annual planning process. Nice for me to talk about that with you now, after motivating you to established 2-3 major goals earlier in the week, huh? As unusual as this might sound, annual goals and plans are a barrier to powerful and accomplishment often. This doesn’t mean annual goals and plans don’t possess an optimistic impact. They do. There is no question you will do better with annual goals and plans than without any goals or plans.

However, this annual process limitations performance. The trap is known as “annualized thinking.” At the heart of annualized thinking can be an unspoken belief that there is plenty of time in the year to make things happen. January In, Dec off looks quite a distance. We mistakenly believe that there is plenty of time in the year, and we accordingly act.

We lack a feeling of urgency, that each week is important not realizing, every day is important, every brief minute is important. Ultimately, effective execution happens each year daily and every week – not. If my goal is to reduce 30 pounds by December 31, 2016, it is rather tempting to start “next Monday” … and of course, more than not often, “next Monday” never comes.

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Let’s redefine a calendar year: A year is no more 12 months; it is currently 12 weeks. There are no longer four periods in a year; that’s old thinking. Year Each 12-week period stands alone – it is your. You now have a new end-game date to assess your success (or lack thereof). The week and more to the point It narrows your concentrate to, day the, which is where execution occurs. Year brings that fact front and middle The 12-week. Year When you set your targets in the context of a 12-week, you no longer have the luxury of postponing the critical activities, in the entire year thinking to yourself that there is the required time still left.

Once 12 weeks becomes your yr, then every week issues more; each day matters more; each moment matters more. The result is profound. Annual goals are helpful, however they lack immediacy and urgency. Twelve-week goals create focus and urgency. Get focused on what you would like to make happen over the next 12 weeks. Twelve-week planning is so much more effective than traditional planning because it is more predictable and concentrated. The key is less is more.