I Wasn’t Allowing Things Be Just


I Wasn’t Allowing Things Be Just

I’m presently a management consultant for EY and once was a management advisor at Deloitte. Before that, I was working at the federal government of Alberta and before that, I was in Vancouver looking for work. Let’s backtrack to when I graduated college or university. I graduated from UBC in 2008 and even though I put secured an operating job for the summer, I was trapped in the center of a recession with no final result in view. I thought I would be okay though because I put graduated with a practical degree (Computer Science and Mathematics), with co-op (i.e., work experience at companies such as Shell, Telus and PMC-Sierra) and with top marks.

Clearly, I had overestimated my chances because company after company would either change me down or turn me down after giving me a short interview. Every day became my full time job I tried to remain positive and applying to jobs. Finally, my Mom was fed up with me just sticking around the house and she brought me to her work so that I possibly could learn under the IT Administrator there.

The IT Administrator trained me quite a lot however the job itself had not been a genuine job – I had not been getting paid anything but it was definitely an chance to escape the home. After a few months, I determined that easily couldn’t get a job in Vancouver like I wanted, I should make an effort to connect with other Provinces or the State governments even. That’s while i received an interview from the national federal government of Alberta for a position entitled “Emerging Systems Specialist”.

It was for Alberta Justice and the positioning would help you with educating users on new technology, building websites, designing proof of concepts, gathering business requirements and general IT support. After an effective phone interview, i had been flown by them out where I also handed their in-person interview and received an offer.

A few weeks later, I got in Edmonton with my Mom who arrived over beside me to help me find a location and get resolved. When I arrived in Edmonton, knowing absolutely no one, I knew which i had to gradually branch out and do some uncomfortable things. I needed no basic idea that a couple of years later, joining Toastmasters would help me get into management consulting at Deloitte, one of the primary professional services companies and one of the big four, as the saying goes. Funny enough, being a Toastmaster led me to connecting with employees at Deloitte, one which referred me to the position within Deloitte.

The first-time I applied, I thought everything was going well – I needed fulfilled with several employees for coffee who all appeared to take a liking if you ask me and I successfully got through the case interview. Yet, several weeks approved and I later discovered that the employee who known me had relocated back to his home country (the united kingdom) and that there was nobody there to drive my application forward.

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I adopted up but was told that I would have to re-apply as they had lost my software. I hung up dejected and did not consider it for quite a while. After a year or so had passed, I used to be walking back from work towards my condo when I saw what were a homeless man holding open leading door to the condo.

I thanked him and walked past when suddenly, I noticed “Wang? a calendar year previously ” It was the employee that had came back to his home country; he previously now moved back and would be here permanently. We again had coffee and he referred me to Deloitte again.