An Unusual And Profitable Characteristic


An Unusual And Profitable Characteristic

Due to my other Internet activities I needed relegated my hundreds of domain names to a minimal priority and seldom gave them much thought. The exception was for a few minimal research for topics to generate websites for a little quantity of domains. Fortunately, a registrar who suits those with many domains maintained most of my brands.

Part of their service offers a number of figures on each domain name. In addition, the brands (URLs) host a index website where I could make a few cents (if Im lucky) if visitors to the web site click any of the links. A few days ago I made a decision to take a quick look at some of those domains. I had fashioned a fresh idea for some possible websites and wanted to see which ones were consistently getting enough strikes to warrant further consideration.

As I created a written report showing traffic on some of my domains I had been astonished to find one of my domain names had a great deal of impressions (website page views). Where normally that name acquired a few impressions every day it got several hundred that day along with several dollars of income where there usually was nothing.

That was the very first time I had noticed such a drastic change in another of my domains in such a short time period – one day. The previous day there have been the normal few views and no money to be produced from that domain name. I asked my co-worker if he noticed anything in the news headlines involving video games since the website name showing uncommon traffic was related to video gaming.

He said no, he had heard nothing at all. Since he was a thirty-something and was usually aware of such things I first thought it could be just an aberration, but it nevertheless was unsettling. As being a options and stock investor, I am very familiar with the consequences of news on those financial instruments so news was the first thing to cross my mind that may change the activity on a domain name so fast.

Later that evening, right before turning off my home computer, I considered that domain name again and got a quick glance at its statistics. There were much more impressions and many more dollars showed as profit off that surge of hits. About this right time my son, nineteen and an ex video game fanatic, who was in Korea (I used to be in Southern California), came on and sent me a message via Instant Messenger.

We conversed some time i quickly asked him if he previously heard any news about Xbox because at that time I used to be suspecting something big will need to have been said in the news related compared to that specific video game system. He said, “Dad, I think they announced they are developing an Xbox 2”. Immediately I understood that was why my website was getting so much action. It had been reacting to the news headlines!

Maybe even over responding. That day The news experienced probably been released. I had developed noticed some names of domain had ups and downs before, but associated that with potential news influencing the website name never. One especially, but with not so pronounced activity, I did so a cursory check on, and found out the real name relates to football.

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I got better do some follow-up research on other domain names that seem to truly have a lot of fluctuating activity. Have a hint from my experience. If you have any names of domain that may be subject to a reaction to news events you may be in a position to plan a strategy to capitalize on certain events with respect to the circumstances. This may be especially profitable if you are selling something on the website with such a name.

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