The Little Book Of Obamacare Horrors-a Guide For The Worried (most Folks)


The Little Book Of Obamacare Horrors-a Guide For The Worried (most Folks)

The Little Book Of Obamacare Horrors-a Guide For The Worried (most Folks) 1

Go here to read a publication from the folks at the NCPA telling the readers much they have to know about PPACA. It really is a welcome counterpoint to the rosy and in parts misleading picture painted in this publication from CMS. For instance, CMS talks about the changes in Medicare Advantage in the following way in a section astoundingly labeled as “Improvement to Medicare Advantage”.

Loss of Medicare Advantage Coverage. About half of the enrollees in Medicare Advantage (MA) programs (7½ million people) will probably lose their coverage and you will be forced to come back to standard Medicare. If you are able to keep the MA plan, expect higher payments and fewer benefits. From the 15 million people likely to enroll in Medicare Advantage programs, 7½ million will eventually lose their plans entirely, according to Medicare’s chief actuary, and the remainder shall face higher premiums and lower benefits.

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The government will demand one to give your employer your latest income tax return. Both at work and in the recently created medical health insurance exchanges, out-of-pocket rates will be limited to a percent of your earnings. In order to enforce that requirement, however, your employer or the operator of the exchange must know what your income is.

Note: Under the new law, the income-based premium limits aren’t based on the wages your employer pays you. They are based on your family income – including nonwage income (dividends, interest, trust income, etc.), your spouse’s income (from all sources) and, if your kids are dependents, their earnings as well.

Wow, what if you will possibly not want your manager to learn how much your spouse makes or how much you made on investments? Too bad. Everything just gets better and better. The NCPA booklet is an excellent source for important details of the PPACA. For an insightful, succinct summary declaration it is hard to beat this slightly paraphrased comment from the blog “Nostrums by Doc D”. The program is to take 500 billion from Medicare, spend it on another thing, and then call it the cost savings and an excellent improvement to Medicare. In comparison to that idea, the business model of the Underwear Gnomes appears brilliant.

Activities that are free are not contained in the GDP, while those that cost money are included. For instance, playing basketball at a patio court wouldn’t normally be included in GDP, but paying to see a movie would be included. GDP also will not account for the quality of the assistance and goods, since there is no simple relationship between the price of the output and the quality of the output.