The Musings OF THE NICU Mommy


The Musings OF THE NICU Mommy

Life is busy and crazy and full of life and pleasure and opportunity. I have two small children that I love to spend time with. I work regular as a nurse in a busy NICU. I love to fill my days ministering to those in my circle of family and friends. Every opportunity I have to spend with others that have a need of support or friendship or encouragement, I take.

I love these folks and they fill me with purpose and I am blessed when I am with them. But recently it seems that the chronic business isn’t allowing time for me personally to rest. God and still be. I go, go, go and am there for any who need me. But I rarely only need time to really sit and allow God to talk with me and work in my own heart. Over time I have been knowing that something was missing. It started at our churches family camp. Forwards each year to several times to just escape up in the mountains We look.

There we are surrounded by trees and shrubs and sky and little ones laughing and playing. This place has always been my place of serenity and rest in a life filled with too much living. It allows me a location where I could steal away for a quiet walk alone or just a hammock to read in.

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Gone will be the lists that fill up my hands and my mind. A couple of no closets to organize or things to build or menus to create. Just time with relatives and buddies. It really is a accepted host to rest and time with God. I love that time with my heavenly Father where I could sit at His feet and study the letter He gave us. This year, we heard about an starting for a family group to minister at Hartstone. As I prayed concerning this position, God opened up my center and mind to there consider moving us.

After much prayer and discussion, we made a decision as a family group to step out in beliefs and make an application for the job. My head filled with dreams of being able to go out onto the beautiful campus and discover quiet places all over the place to be still before God. I knew that if I lived at Hartstone, I’d take time to walk the wooded pathways and take time to rest and be still and discover peace.

I was also worked up about having the ability to provide others and minister to all or any who arrived to camp. But overall, my heart was longing to maintain a place that acquired brought me a lot rest. We waited for many long weeks to find out if this is where we were to live and provide for another year or two.

I spent so enough time with God requesting Him to place us exactly where He wished us, also to bring me pleasure where He put us ever. This was a period of dreaming and longing and closeness to Gods heart. God shut the door to this opportunity Then. I was sad. I won’t lie.

For a couple of days I cried and gradually let go of my dreams for living in this beautiful place of rest and tranquility. I accepted God’s decision and had not been upset or furious. I understood He was keeping us right where He wanted us to be. But the longing in my heart didn’t cease.

I continued to have this desperate longing for rest and a place to find it. A couple of weeks ago I used to be reading a post on the Holy Experience entitled When Wasting Your Time is the Most Productive Thing YOU CAN CERTAINLY DO. As I read through this website post I used to be influenced and convicted all at exactly the same time.

I ordered the publication Rhythms of Rest: Finding the Spirit of Sabbath in a Busy World. It appeared like something that may help me slow down and help me to rest. As I began reading it, God started to talk with my center and show me that is what He wants for me personally. I’ll share a bit about what I have already been learning and what God has been teaching me.