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Be Natural Organics

Warmer temperatures are FINALLY upon us! Now that we can ditch the snow boots for sandals, it is time to have a look at your skin care and attention arsenal because of this upcoming summer. I’ve carefully used and evaluated three key products that are a must have for your warm summer days that turn into long summer nights!

With elements like Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Shea Butter, this sunscreen won’t leave your skin layer feeling oily and slimy. Aloe Leaf Lotion- After those long times in sunlight, you epidermis will be thirsty and dried out. Don’t forget to lather up with lotion after each day on the beach!

The combination of Grapeseed essential oil and distilled drinking water make this a awesome lotion for everyone skin types. The opposite-it is done by This lotion lubricates your skin while allowing it to inhale and exhale..truly amazing! Shimmer Oil- So after a long day at the beach or laying poolside, nothing at all feels better showing off your healthy obtained tan then. Whether you are out for supper or hitting the club, this Illuminating Dry out Essential oil is a HAVE MUST. I like to wear it my chest and arms-just to give a little extra glow and shimmer.

The art of frosty pressing macadamia nuts, raspberry almonds and seed products get this to nourishing, sheer tint that is amazing. I could say this is one of the best BNO products honestly! So there you have it-your set of ‘must haves’ to survive come early july. Now get out there and enjoy the sun!

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  • Emollient Properties
  • Collagen Injections-
  • Freckles, age spots, wrinkles, sunlight spots and stretchmarks removal,
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  • Distilled Water – 1 Cup

HEALING TIP: Stay from the water while you treat a chlorine allergy. The quickest remedy for a chlorine rash is to remain dry (and a long way away from water that caused it). In case your own pool provides you a allergy, determine what’s incorrect and regulate the known levels according to industry criteria. For the time being – stay dry, stay hydrated, and stay moisturized. Children are more susceptible to chlorine allergy and poisoning for their delicate skin – and because they’re more likely to open up their eyes in the pool or swallow pool drinking water. Chlorine reacts with the mucus membranes in our bodies, as well as for little ones, this is very harmful.

If your children’s eye switch red while going swimming or they complain of pain, scratching, or burning, flush their eyes with water for at least quarter-hour. Children are also more susceptible to chlorine ear infections, so make sure you clean and dry their hair and ears after swimming. If you believe your child has swallowed huge amounts of chlorine, keep these things drink milk or water unless they’ve vomited – if they’ve thrown up immediately, take them to an emergency room.