Identity Code Of Microsoft Digital Literacy Test


Identity Code Of Microsoft Digital Literacy Test

Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification Program. Ways to get the Identity Code of Microsoft Digital Literacy Test? We are pleased to prolong Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification Program COST FREE as a special offer (valid for a limited time frame). The special identity code generated to provide this test is ‘CYB001’. This gives essential ICT skills training for students which helps students across the institute in building basic IT literacy. Microsoft worked with educators, standards body, government officials, and other learning specialists in 35 countries to develop this planned program.

The student may take the Microsoft Assessment Test wherein he’d be asked to answer 30 objective type questions and on successfully moving this test he will get a customized Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate on his e-mail. 1. Develop a Live or Hotmail id to login. On computer shiksha website (link listed below) – Head to ‘Tools’ and click on the 12th option i.e. Compatibility view and then you can put in your Date of Birth.

This should solve your problem. 4. After successful sign up you will be necessary to provide with a distinctive identification code. 5. Click on ‘Microsoft Digital Literacy Assessment’ to be taken. 6. On successfully passing the test, your Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate will be sent to your registered Live or Hotmail identification automatically. 7. Note – There is a probability of the certificate going into your spam or junk folder. I have annexed herewith a sample copy of the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate for your reference. Please feel free to call or mail me in case of any problem. Posted by Unknown on 10:11 AM. Filed under Answers of Microsoft Digital Literacy Test, Ways to get the identity code of microsoft digital literacy test, microsoft digital literacy test .

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