Equal SHORT-TERM Weight Loss For Self-pay And Insurance Covered Patients After Adjustable Gastric Banding


Equal SHORT-TERM Weight Loss For Self-pay And Insurance Covered Patients After Adjustable Gastric Banding

Introduction: Adjustable gastric banding is one option for obese patients going after bariatric surgery, though not absolutely all insurance policies cover the procedure. Patients may spend of pocket for bariatric procedures if they do not have insurance that covers the operation. There could be a difference in targets and inspiration between these two patient populations may leads to an improvement in results.

Self-pay patients may have significantly more motivation to lose weight due to the significant financial investment. Methods: Data was gathered prospectively in a bariatric surgery database for everyone patients undergoing changeable gastric banding at our organization. 41) using a paired pupil t-test. Minors were excluded from data evaluation. Results: Age, gender, and ideal body weight were similar between groups.

Actual body weight was higher in the covered group (262 lbs vs. Discussion: Method of payment for bariatric surgery did not result in a big change in a nutshell term weight loss following flexible gastric banding. Although insured group lost more excess weight, this group also acquired a higher initial weight. Further long-term data with a larger number of patients will be needed to see whether any factor between insurance plan and outcomes.

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