Do You Prefer Pencils Or Pots To Apply Eyeliner?


Do You Prefer Pencils Or Pots To Apply Eyeliner?

Do You Prefer Pencils Or Pots To Apply Eyeliner? 1

Currently, my most used black eyeliner for makeup looks is the Inglot AMC gel eyeliner, which I haven’t found a darker/blacker eyeliner than, to time. Naturally, having tried the Urban Decay 24/7 vision pencil in Perversion, I used to be interested to compare this SSUICE to the Inglot one. As you can plainly see, the very best swatch is the thinnest that was done with the old Ink For Eyes brush (evaluation below). The bottom swatch is done with the brush as is; directly out of the product packaging, whilst the middle swatch is done with the brush pressed together with a makeup wipe, which allows a thinner collection to be performed.

Color & Pigmentation: The SSUICE is indeed a very dark black, compared to the Inglot AMC Gel liner however, it appears more browner in color. Pigmentation wise, the Inglot Gel liner is more pigmented definitely, whilst the Urban Decay SSUICE is more thinner/creamier in uniformity, which is most likely why it seems browner in color when switched. Texture: The texture of this product is supremely silky and glides on beautifully with hook-sheen finish.

Packaging: The packaging is definitely a massive improvement to the old plastic material Urban Decay Ink For Eyes; the glass container and gunmetal lid have a far more luxurious and elegant feel certainly. The Perversion Brush also has a different appearance to the rest of the brushes by Urban Decay as it is black in color and offers a soft touch handle which is convenient to use. Longevity: The SSUICE lasts pretty long as expected from a waterproof product from Urban Decay; the swatch itself had to be scrubbed off with a makeup wipe, but thankfully it comes off with ease using an oily makeup remover.

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  2. A couple of artificial eyelashes
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  4. 6 months back from New York City
  5. 4 Biochemical structure of argan essential oil

Price: At £16, the SSUICE is £1 more than the MAC Fluidline Gel liner, or £6 more than the Inglot AMC Gel liner. The Perversion Angled Brush is reasonably coming in at £12 for a one off investment that can be used with other gel/cream liners. The Cream Eyeliner and Perversion Angled Brush are available to obtain the following merchants: Debenhams and House Of Fraser and online at Feel Unique and BeautyBay. What do you consider of these additions to Urban Decay? Do you prefer pencils or pots use eyeliner?

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