Ugh, for today was actually a draft my post scheduled! I hate it when that happens! Anyhoo – is my Digi Makeover Challenge post here! Late, but past due than never better! Our digi team leader, Michelle, this week gave us a brilliant fun problem! It’s called a tic tac toe challenge! You pick your type of 3 and run with it Now! I’ve never actually seen challenging like this so i thought it was such a refreshing idea! I chose to opt for Fairy, Flowers and Sparkle! Unfortunately in my own photo you can’t so much start to see the sparkle but she actually is glitzed out with stickles and then the chipboard flowers are coated in glitter as well. D And also a but of bling on the card as well. Check out the Paper Makeup Stamps blog for more inspiration and also to enter on the challenge!

As Dempsey carefully navigated the debris dispersed across Taylor Street, the stadium lights were a beacon in the relative darkness of Bedford. Just across the street from the institution, a aircraft of drinking water was shooting into the air in which a fireplace hydrant used to be. Whatever Dunn experienced called down, it got made it at least as far as the senior high school parking great deal.

Several light content in the car parking lot had dropped, and many cars have been intensely rusted. The Taylor County Corn Huskers team bus suffered worse than the other vehicles in the parking lot. To initial observation, it appeared the middle of the bus rusted away leaving two halves. The trunk half of the bus had tipped forward leaving the trunk emergency exit up in the air. Leading half of the bus had done the same thanks to the weight of the massive engine. Noisy noises were coming from the stadium No; no cheering, no collisions, no whistles, no announcer … no screaming.

Maybe it was around? However the scoreboard indicated the Bedford Bulldogs were leading the visiting team by a score of 77 – 3 with 3:13 quit to play in the 4th one fourth. Porter taken his rental car up next to the pickup truck. The trail of rust and corrosion led right to the stadium, and the turnstiles away had rusted, but there didn’t look like any body in the car parking lot. Dempsey thought maybe that meant the thing had hit and taken everyone by surprise fast, but Porter pointed out the kid checking tickets at the gate and the folks running the concession stand were gone. There didn’t look like anyone up in the announcer’s booth either.

The bee female, then? Cherry had stated she could impact and lead everyone around. Maybe she called everyone and got them sit down quietly as the thing ate jointly? The idea sent shivers down their spines, but it was decided by them was likely. The parking great deal side of the field was lined with a concrete structure for the real home team’s followers.

  1. Banners and signage (costly to printing or make, but necessary)
  2. Exfoliate with the dual action soft exfoliant system
  3. Apply the medium color on the lower eyelid
  4. Has a smooth texture
  5. Kitchen remodel planner
  6. Drinking espresso or alcohol

It was this framework which, until the turnstiles got rusted and corroded away, experienced guarded the entry to the stadium. Metal bleachers for the going to team’s enthusiasts lined the other side. Behind the western end area was the field home with the announcer’s booth above it, and beyond that was the rest of the Bedford SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL campus. Beyond the east end area was a lawn field and Madison Street. The complete stadium was enclosed with a chain-link fence.

Now arrived the difficult part. The truck had to can get on the field. The only path that was going to happen was for Dempsey to consider it around to Madison Street, and then drive it through the field and the fence. While he was engaging in position, Porter would enter by walking. He didn’t want to be anywhere close to the stadium, but someone needed to be there in case the Irishman couldn’t finish the job. Both men nodded at each other respectfully, and Dempsey threw the pickup truck in equipment. The wheels cried under any risk of strain as he transferred into position.

Porter crossed the car parking great deal quickly until he reached the turnstiles. No bodies, no sounds. As he transferred slowly out of the tunnel and onto the track across the field, he became alert to a crunching sound under his feet. There have been no cheerleaders in front of the stands, but right where they must have been were hundreds of dead bees; maybe even thousands. The NSA spook turned quickly on his heel – grinding twelve or so bees to a pulp in the process – and aimed his gun up in to the concrete structure.