It’s Fairly Specific To Investment Banks


It’s Fairly Specific To Investment Banks

It's Fairly Specific To Investment Banks 1

It’s fairly specific to investment banks, who use inflated titles to reassure their clients that their accounts are being managed by senior people. That being said, I question companies in Sweden just have one VP highly. In industries outside investment banking, you generally have a VP responsible for some particular area of the business. For example, a VP of Marketing or VP of Operations.

His childhood was spent being inspired by other eras and fashions. That’s what he and his kind want to capture. They are of a different era now, associating with things that remind them of their own youth, not the youth of their great grandfathers. They are more commercially aggressive also, buying wholesale where they can – in the end, they have the blissful luxury of preference and a worldwide market that was never afforded to poor old Mr Farnsbarns Snr. There is another essential aspect at work here. The way the world sees our business.

Growing up, I often heard the mantra (like some type of secret unwritten rule) that you couldn’t go too much wrong investing in antiques and artwork. Many people do this and do still, of course. Organised crime got in on the take action Even; getting a bit of culture as they laundered their grubby profits through artworks and antiquities. The difference though now, is that our beautiful business too is all developed. Where in the past we dabbled, bought or inherited marvellous things, nowadays Art & Antiques are officially an investment asset class, with specialist fund managers tracking performance and acquisitions. We are big business. So where will that leave most of us?

Undoubtedly yes. It’s all going to be OK. I don’t know all the answers by any means, but I’ve noticed a few things working. For those who hold an over-all stock, it’s a case of doing different things. Looking at reinvigorating and blending it up a little. Selling more online. Trying different era’s, different disciplines.

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It may imply finding your ft with it and also to some degree a bit of learning from your errors, but its still well worth remembering the adage, ‘go where in fact the dogs feed’. The point is that you have to keep moving, and don’t stay a sitting focus on. For those specialist dealers, there is comfort in the actual fact that the marketplace will always be there for the collector or specialist buyer. I suppose, the heart of the message I am driving at here’s you aren’t alone, but at the same time, you can’t be prepared to keep doing a similar thing and get different results. We must adapt and change our business strategy, maybe even our entire model, to where in fact the market rests. Well, I can see them. They here are right.

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