Should A Christian Consider Having Weight Loss / Gastric Bypass Surgery?


Should A Christian Consider Having Weight Loss / Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Answer: When seeking the response to issues that aren’t expressly mentioned in the Bible, we can and must “reason” from Scripture. By that is meant that we will get principles that we can connect with every situation in our lives by comparing Scripture with Scripture in framework. Obviously, gastric bypass surgery was not a concern when the Bible was written. Therefore, this is an certain area that people would call “doubtful,” because there is no clear “you shall or you shall not” for us to show to.

It is not expressly a “sin” to have elective surgery. The question is, what is the purpose and will the end result have the result of getting us closer to God and glorifying Him inside our lives? Quite simply, how will this surgery have an effect on our personal relationship with God? There are several principles that people could cite that may help us to come to a choice.

However, a very important factor is vital. None of us can inform another born-again believer what he should or should not do with his own body where Scripture will not specifically address the issue. This is between your believer and god, the father. We can study, search for concepts and present them, but it is up to the individual believer how he applies those principles to his own life. Believers stand prior to the Lord alone.

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Born-again believers are commanded and may indeed choose to come alongside to comfort, counsel, and encourage each other, but we can not make others’ choices for them. One important concern here’s walking by beliefs. If one is not fully convinced in one’s own mind that an avenue of action is right and it is not sinful, as believers we must err on the side of righteousness then.

Romans 14:23 tells us that “whatever is not of beliefs is sin.” In other words, if the conviction is acquired by us in our own thoughts that what we should are doing is sin, then to us it is sin. Therefore, when it comes to people plain things that we do not have clear commandments on, the decision must be made by us to obey by trust first. However, why don’t we be clear, we aren’t referring to inordinate guilt for a plan of action.

Rather, it is the “still small voice” of wisdom-the gift of the Spirit-that is important rather than the accusations of our foe who seeks to put us in bondage. If we are walking by faith and we are in fellowship with god, the father, then we do not have to get worried about being in God’s will-God’s will usually finds us. And the answer will be clear rather than muddied with guilt.

As born-again believers, we are absolve to do whatever we want within the limitations of Scripture. The Apostle Paul makes that very clear in two passages in 1 Corinthians. The actual apostle is teaching in this passage is that sophistication makes us free in Christ. However, we should make the choice to discern what’s “expedient” or convenient, what “edifies” or develops us up spiritually, rather than to allow what we should are doing to regulate our lives. The only thing that should control the lives of the born-again believer is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 4:22-23). Quite simply, because we can do something does not imply that we should.