OR WINDOWS 7 Shutdown Troubleshoot


OR WINDOWS 7 Shutdown Troubleshoot

OR WINDOWS 7 Shutdown Troubleshoot 1

Normal 0 OR WINDOWS 7 installation is pretty much different from Windows Vista set up. Normal 0 Windows XP installations is just about not the same as Windows Vista installation. As as OR WINDOWS 7 is installed soon, it demands proper info about which kind of BIOS is obtainable on the machine and this is recognized as ACPI or Advanced Configuration and Power Interface.

But as a matter of fact, Windows XP does not all the time to identify the specific BIOS and then the support menu for ACPI will not get installed. The worse the known fact is ACPI support gets not installed at the beginning. It is impossible to reinstall XP for the next time literally. It then requires a change in the Hardware which is again a hard thing to do. Whenever the Windows XP CD is inserted in the tray and the command is directed at install the same, you shall find an option to press F6.

It shows that one’s body needs SCSI or RAID controller. Keep in mind that you are to type F5 rather than that. Another menu of Hardware setting shall open up following that. Check out for an apposite HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) that will support ACPI. In major cases, unlike Windows Vista you will need to use Advanced Configuration Power Interface which is actually a Hardware setting menu for your computer. You must get and set up the most up-to-date BIOS for the motherboard at the advent of OR WINDOWS 7 installation.

  • Be careful with external repositories (like PPA’s) and with external .deb files
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Another important things is that you will require using the correct Hardware configurations menu (most commonly known as HAL) on ACPI suitable system. You ought not to use the HAL on an ACPI incompatible system. If you do it anyway, installation shall be done but the machine will be unable to begin at the reboot.

Situations will come, where it will not be advisable to use an ACPI HAL though it is propped up by the BIOS. You will need to determine and identify the case at the earliest and press F7 instead of F5 if you will be instructed to do that. Windows XP installation may come mingled up with several problems as it also happens for Windows Vista set up.

The most common of the problems is the turn off problem which is less discussed and noted. But with each one of these steps taken, your Windows XP installation could be the least difficult and the most trouble-free. One last thing that you have to keep in mind is whether your personal computer has ACPI enabled features. Go to My Computer Just, right select it and discover the Properties option.